To test your thyroid, you need only a thermometer!

Techno 20 January, 2018

2017-03-21 19:00

To test your thyroid, you need only a thermometer!
Few people know about this, but 50 years ago, scientist Otto Broda Barnes found that the body temperature is a great indicator of how your thyroid works.

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There is only one caveat: you need to measure the body temperature immediately after waking up, still in bed, reports Rus.Media.

Barnes noticed that an abnormal temperature in the morning — the first sign of the inflammatory process in the thyroid gland. And we all know that if this organ of our body is not working properly, you will have problems!

All you need is a thermometer. Here’s what to do:

  • Prepare it better before bedtime. Mercury it must be frozen on a mark not above 35 degrees.
  • As soon as you Wake up, immediately put the thermometer in the armpit. Let it stay there for longer than usual 10 minutes.
  • Write down the result. Remember that properly it is called: “the morning basal temperature.” Normal range: from 36.5° to 36.8°.
  • Here is how to interpret the results:

    • If your temperature from 36.5° to 36.8° , it means that the thyroid gland all right.
    • If your morning temperature is less than 36.5°, it means you have hypothyroidism . This means that the thyroid gland is not as active as they should. Probably why you are feeling the symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression, often suffer from colds and problems with memory and concentration. In the most advanced variants can be seen hair loss.
    • If the morning basal temperature above 36,8°, it means you have hyperthyroidism . This is when the thyroid gland is active more than the norm. Most likely, the body has a strong inflammatory process. That is, you get sick and are not treated!

    Remember that the “purity” of results is necessary to repeat the procedure at least three times in a row in three days. If the result does not fall under the “norm” will be repeated, you need to go on consultation to the endocrinologist and find out the causes of their problems.

    And again. If the deviation is minor, and to go to the doctor there is no power, try to solve the problem yourself. The main thing — the correct diet. It should be enough selenium, vitamin A, magnesium and vitamin In the . All these minerals are extremely important for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.