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In Spider-Man’s Homecoming, new beginning of adventures of spider man, Tom Holland succeeds Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the role of spider man. The young comedian confides in Gala about her new life in the skin of super-heroes.

Gala : Have you hesitated before agreeing to resume the role of Spider-Man ? have you felt a kind of pressure ?

Tom Holland : No, because when I read the script, I immediately realized that the adventures of spider man would take on a whole new direction. With this film, it’s a new Spider-Man who is present and who does not like no other. I’ve been lucky because Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have incarnated so wonderful and it helped me, by watching the five films, to inspire me of certain things and avoid other.

Gala : Were you a fan previously of the adventures of Spider-Man ?

T. H. : I have never been a fan of comics, on the other hand I’ve always loved super-heroes and Spider-Man was part of my favorite characters. Little, I déguisais often and I’ve recently posted on Instagram a photo of me as a child dressed as Superman. What I love about Spider-Man, is that it suffers from the same problems that any young person, namely school, his love… It is reassuring for a teen to see that a super-hero suffers from the same problems as him. In life, I am not a fan of spiders. I have a huge fear since I bought one in a store. It was called Peter, and has taken the leak at the end of six hours.

Gala : You are at the base of dancer, is that it helped you to play this character ?

T. H. : I have to admit that I lost a lot of flexibility since I do not dance regularly. My biggest challenge has been to again become flexible. For the film, I worked my body into me causing every day physically, with the boxing and the gym.

Gala : You have made your first steps as an actor with Billy Elliot : the musical. Do you think this helped you win the role of Spider-Man ?

T. H. : Billy Elliot has undoubtedly been a stepping stone for me, just like the movie The Impossible with Naomi Watts. Even if I spent a countless number of auditions to become the new spider man, I think that the producers had liked my performance in the musical. At first, I was so young when I am onstage that I had to play the role of Michael, the best friend of Billy, but then I got the lead role and I played it for 176 performances.

Gala : The movie Spider-Man are always a huge hit in the box office in the world. Are you ready for the fame ?

T. H. : I don’t know if we can really be ready. I began to receive letters from fans, and requests a little weird. For example, girls ask me to be their partner for the prom in their high school. The one she lived in Nebraska and begged me for me to accept coming to dance with her. I can see already a real buzz while the film is not even released yet.

Gala : That helps you keep two feet on the ground ?

T. H. : My friends and, of course, my parents. My mom, who was a photographer, inspires me every day and supports me in everything that I do. My father, meanwhile, is a bit of my confidant and a sort of close friend with whom I like to sometimes do or say bétises. This is a brilliant author and humorist. We spend a lot of time together, especially to play golf.

Gala : will you always love dancing ?

T. H. : Yes, but mainly now in night clubs. I love to dance lpendant of the holidays between friends. In this film, I have to dance, but my character is supposed to be a very bad dancer. Without wanting to sound pretentious, I had to lower my level and do believe that I had absolutely no rhythm in the skin. (laughter) What I like about dance is that there is no border, no language problem… I just met a young native of Kenya who taught himself to dance. Today, he has the level to enter the prestigious school of ballet in London, the Royal Ballet School, of which I was part for several years.

Gala : what Is it like today in your life ?

T. H. : For the time being, I continue to live in London with my parents with my two brothers. I admit that this is not always obvious. I am getting ready however to make a new start in my life since I bought my first apartment next to that of my parents. It is my mother who found it and I am very happy because I can finally be more independent. I should not have any problem of money since I already signed a contract to turn in the second and third installment of Spider-Man.

Gala : And as it happens with the girls ?

T. H. : I have no right to complain even if I focus for the moment only on my career. Play card Spider-Man you will open many doors with the girls and multiplies the opportunities (laughs). This is much better than when I was a teenager. At the age of 16, the girls prefer to go with a rugby player rather than a ballet dancer ! “(he smiles)

Gala : You biggest regret ?

T. H. : Certainly not to speak French. My grandfather was a French professor at a university in london. I really regret not speaking your language.

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