Tomorrow December 21 — winter Solstice! What you need to know and how to prepare

Techno 20 December, 2017

2017-12-20 16:10

Tomorrow December 21 — winter Solstice! What you need to know and how to prepare
The winter solstice is the beginning of astronomical winter. The shortest day and the longest night of the year.

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The shortest day and the longest night of the year, reports Rus.Media.

But that’s no reason to hibernate. This is a good time to gratefully let go of the past and choose where to go.

How to prepare for and celebrate the winter Solstice

The winter Solstice is one of the 4 key points of the year.

In 2017, it falls on December 21.

Solstice is a point of transition and lay the Foundation of what will unfold in your life the next 6 months.

The winter solstice is a time for gratitude and release.

Spiritual sources about the energy of December and the winter solstice

Beautiful energy coming to us from the Sun in the winter solstice of 21st December. This energy renewal and co-creation.

For millennia this time of year was celebrated vigorously. Ancient cultures knew that we have virtually forgotten in the modern world: the energy of the sun, pouring a flood during the solstice, enhance the effect of our focus and intentions.

They can support us miraculously in manifesting that which serves the highest good of us and the highest good of those around us.

Energy updates and demonstrations will increase during the solstice, so keep your intentions on the lookout! Write them down in the form of statements, arrange them on the Board visualizations or take the time to imagine what you want to create.

Use active solar energy to support yourself in what you want to create and to Express, since your mind, spirit and total energy are extremely animated at this time. Find joyful ways to Express your love of life and your way.

After the winter solstice the days get longer, so celebrate the return of light in the Northern hemisphere, celebrate the power of the light of the Sun.

This time of clarity in what you want to create. Let the joy of this creative season to flow a stream that will gently take you to your new works.

Celia Fenn: Introduction to the extended mission of the soul

12 December — the Third Gate of initiation of your expanded and the highest mission of the soul. At this time you have the opportunity to begin to live in accordance with your new mission, and inside holographic networks of the New Earth.

At this time you are ready to get rid of all the old perceptions and connections with the past to accept gifts time line of the future of the New Earth, which manifests itself in the present moment.

You will learn more about what opportunities and ideas are these gifts, and will begin to act in accordance with them, creating your new reality without fear.

The climax and conclusion of the three gates (10.10, 11.11 and 12.12) will be held on 21 December 2017 in the period of the December solstice.

At this time you will be able to balance the received energy with the Divine and powerful Light codes of Galactic Peace, sluchainym the Center of the Galaxy, because at that time the Land will be consistent with them.

This is a time of celebration and joy as you climb the spiral of the universe on a higher, deeper and wiser level.

The following practice will help you attune to the energy that carries the day and spend it with benefit.

Practices for the Winter Solstice

1. Congratulate the Sun and read the prayer.

Since that day, the day will increase.

Try to catch the sunrise, greet the new Sun. Congratulate him with the birth, give thanks for his warmth and the benefits it gives.

2. Let go of the past, obsolete

Determine that you are ready to release from your life, than it’s time to leave.

For some it’s the people no longer related, the old resentments, which are only taken away the life force, negative attitudes which block the way to your new life.

Light the candle and declare the intention that you burn everything that’s outlived. Ask the Sun to burn out from the body and blocks where stuck negative emotions.

3. Express gratitude of life

The best prayer is gratitude. If you want to get something, learn to thank for what you already have.

Winter solstice and the end of the year is a good occasion to begin to practice gratitude, if you haven’t do.

Think about what you can be grateful to life, the universe, yourself, family, friends and even detractors.

4. Construites with a new beginning

This day is reborn the new Sun and with it all life. Use this time to lay the Foundation of a new reality.

Just like the Sun every day will gain strength, and the day will increase and your intentions will find the strength and physical shape.

Try to be deliberate in this day. Be in harmony with yourself and nature!