Toothbrushes will be smarter than their owners

Techno 19 January, 2018

2018-01-19 09:07

Toothbrushes will be smarter than their owners
Now toothbrushes will be reasonable.

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The Colgate company has developed a smart toothbrush Toothbrush E1, which will take care of your dental health, reports Rus.Media. However, while it is only available to owners of iOS-devices.

Toothbrush E1 developed a special companion app Colgate Connect, is only available in the App Store. The program helps to ensure that, whether you brushed your teeth, shows a map of the coverage of the mouth, tells how to improve your brushing technique and even offers to play. Because they all want to play something with my Bluetooth connected toothbrush, isn’t it?

Moreover, the manufacturer notes that in the brush hiding the artificial intelligence, which manages all processes. The brush comes with a small round cleaning head, which is convenient to all the corners of the mouth. Also has vibration which helps to effectively remove plaque. Built-in battery lasts for 10 days.

Buy Colgate E1 is possible for $ 99 in the Apple Store. Expensive or not, you be the judge. Just note that one of the competitors of Colgate in the market smart toothbrush, Kolibree, the company sells its smart-brush-Ara for $ 129. But it has apps for iOS and Android.