Traditions and conspiracies 8 February, the day of Theodore pominalnik

Techno 7 February, 2018

2018-02-07 20:54

Traditions and conspiracies 8 February, the day of Theodore pominalnik
February 8 in the national calendar: Fedor Fedorov day, Fedor-pominalnik, winter fracture, Fedor-zastolny. It was believed that these days the dead yearn for the earth and for their relatives.

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Leaving the light on in the graveyard, dead, believed, and after the prescribed forty days after the death may significantly influence the Affairs of their relatives.

Honoring deceased ancestors, relatives, remembering them on fixed days, called the parent, the people tried to avoid their visits.

For this purpose in the houses, where they were deceased, were prayers, sprinkled the house and yard with Holy water on the Windows and doors hung branches of mountain ash, tufts of nettles.

The ability to give solace to be sad about the dead and to protect from anxiety on their part has thistles or stuck under the joist (main beam which holds the roof) sprig of juniper.

From the appearance of the deceased were encouraged to draw chalk crosses on the Windows and doors and put an axe or hammer on the threshold, as the sharp steel was considered the best remedy for the evil forces.

Also tried to find out what is troubling the deceased, and the cause of his anxiety. Tying the appearance of the dead with the grief of their relatives, widely considered beneficial for the living and the dead prayer (widows chastised priests, making over them the prayers before the Royal doors). But there were people who were not afraid, but rather wanted to see a deceased relative, missing or worrying about his fate. In order to meet him, I had to fast for twelve Fridays in a row.

Plots 8 Feb

The conspiracy was strong from seizures

This plot is read in melt water. In the evening bring home the basin full of snow and put it in a room without mirrors (close the pelvis is impossible in any case!). In the morning, ask the patient to lean over the basin with melt water and read a spell:

In the name of the Father and of the Son And of the Holy spirit. The water comes from the sky, Water in the ground goes From the ground the water will come, the sky the water will go. Come, disease, water, then, water, Go to the mother earth. And as from the land of the dead does not arise, So the sickness in the land will back to the servant of God (name) is not coming. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Plots from epilepsy

In the people this disease called “epilepsy” as a person with epilepsy falls where he caught a seizure and convulsing.

Usually someone who has a seizure epilepsy can’t remember about what happened to him. People with epilepsy should know that they should not eat such foods as celery and parsley, beans, red meat, pungent spices and seasonings. All this could trigger another attack.

During treatment, the patient should not consume coffee, strong tea, any alcoholic beverages (including beer). You can not drink raw eggs. It is impossible for the sick person to be in a hot heated bath and steam room. You should also avoid to go out without a hat in hot sun, it also promotes a rush of blood to the head.

In addition, the patient is not desirable to look at the process of welding metal, observe the flashes of the fireworks, give attention to rotating and fast moving subjects. Needed a NAP in the fresh air, walks in the woods, sponging the body with cool water. To exclude all conflicts, by browsing “heavy” movies and reading books. The mental state of the patient should be calm and peaceful. The proposed conspiracies read on the water and wash her patient after a seizure. Conspiracy read so:

Walked along the road the Holy Makar and fell, Epilepsy, tryasuchev from the road collected. She hit him, shaking, shivering, Arms, legs was driving, my brain has dried. The virgin mother came and blessed, From the attacks was fired. It would (such and such) traconi not broken, the Seizures did not beat and did not throw, would torment him anywhere, Neither on water nor on land. Paidika you, Falling, gray wave, There, fight, shake, and go to the bottom, To the servant (so-and-so) you no longer knew, did Not fall, did not fight and did not suffer. If my word is stone, my thing is, any right For now, forever, for all times. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.