Train your willpower, dreams are realized!

Techno 6 February, 2018

2018-02-06 22:10

Train your willpower, dreams are realized!
Willpower can be trained! 4 proven ways how to do it.

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We all strive: to lose 15 kg to get a raise at work, raise children great people or to help people in need. No matter how sublime or mundane you dream, in any case, their implementation requires specific labor and rigid self-control. And consequently, depends on your will power. And that its absence prevents closer to his goal.

Remember, how many times have you promised yourself to get serious about work, Jogging in the morning and eat less sweets. At first everything went well. How much you lasted? Week? Month? Half a year? And then you got tired and threw a good initiative. The reason is that willpower and self-control is not limitless. They end up as charging on the phone.

Long been considered otherwise. Psychologists argued: if you want something enough – you have enough will power. However, in 1996 a researcher in the field of self-control Professor Roy Baumeister conducted an experiment that proved that this is not so.

He invited 67 people and put before them chocolate chip cookies. However, to try treat only allowed half of the subjects. Others can be treated by radish. Many of the dispossessed have expressed an interest in cookies: longingly looking at someone else’s food, some even took the cookies to smell it.

Then all participants were asked to make an unsolvable riddle. People from the second group seemed twice as fast. The need to eat radishes instead of chocolate order had exhausted their willpower. Resource is not enough to fight the puzzle. Baumeister called this phenomenon “ego depletion”. Since then it has conducted dozens of new studies, and all have confirmed the results of this experiment.


Daily life is full of temptations and distractions that cause us to spend willpower. What we spend?

1. Impulse control
We are constantly struggling with allowing temptations and do its work, but instead want to check out Facebook or to escape early from office to meet up with friends.

2. Performance control
We do our best, despite the fatigue.

3. Control behavior and emotions
It requires professional ethics and corporate rules. Even when the working atmosphere is tense or your colleagues make decisions with which you disagree, you try not to raise your voice and not to take it out on others.

4. Control over thoughts
We focus on the work, despite the variety of dreams and fantasies that appear in our minds.

HOW TO TRAIN AND ACCUMULATE WILLPOWERBut all is not lost. Unlike motivation, willpower can be strengthened like a muscle. The same Roy Baumeister in 1999 found that students who consciously trained strength will much better cope with self-control than those not consciously worked on this.

1. Plan important steps in the morning.
Self-control works better in the morning because you had all night to replenish resources. What does this mean in practice? If you decide to do sports, go to the gym in the morning. If your goal is to write a book or finish an important project, book hour of the day for working at the computer.

2. Manage your energy, keep spoke.
Rest makes you stronger. Studies have proven that many people prefer “high-intensity” emotions like excitement or even stress. Think about it: people drink coffee to perk me up, and putting off important things until the last minute to make them on adrenaline.

However, the excitement and stress of the tire body. And the more tired you are the less you will power. So, you need to learn to control the energy.

You connect your cell phone to charge it. Do the same with you. Take yoga or meditation, do this for a break in the middle of the day. Studies have shown that even 15 minutes of spiritual practices can replenish willpower.

3. Do not take on a lot
Not raspisatsya on several different projects. If you decided to lose weight, do not should to learn to play the guitar. Choose one dream and focus on its implementation.

4. Focus on the end goal
According to neuroscientist Elliot Berkman, “when we work on what we like, we can hardly be exhausted”. He also says: if you always think about your main goal, you can get extra energy to achieve it. So every time you will lack will power, present in paints, how you will feel when you implement dream.