“Trifonov’s day” folk omens 14 Feb 2018

Techno 14 February, 2018

2018-02-14 09:10

“Trifonov’s day” folk omens 14 Feb 2018
The people Tryphon considered the patron Saint of married couples and families. On this day, asked kind brides and grooms. Asked the higher powers of the family fortune.

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Folk festival “Trifonov day” is celebrated on 14 February (old style – 1 Feb).

In the Church calendar is the feast day of St. Tryphon, which is popularly considered a patron Saint of married couples and families. Other names of the holiday: “Trifon”, “Trifon-mysign”, “Trifon Peresini”, “Trifon Zarezan — the caster mice.” St. Trifon lived in the 3rd century at Nicaea. From her early years he accepted the Christian morals, and being young, have shown the gift of wonderworking, healing the sick. According to the legend, Trifon had cast a demon out of the daughter of the Roman Emperor Gordian III, who, although he was an idolater, persecuted the Christians. However, in the next reign of Emperor Decius Trajan, persecution and Tryphon was executed. Trifonov day is widely celebrated in Bulgaria and Serbia, where he had a holiday with numerous customs. Was considered the pre-spring holiday of winegrowers, as Saint Trifon was their patron.

He acted as the patron Saint of hunters. Among the southern Slavs the first three days of February (Trifonov day, Candlemas, Repair) was considered the border between winter and spring.

St. Tryphon prayed during the attack of pests on crops and plantations.

Among other ailments and misfortunes prayed to the Saint for protection of the family hearth, love and peace of the spouses, the sorrow, the sadness and depression of grooms and brides, about getting rid of snoring, eye diseases, about the driving away of evil spirits from a person about getting rid of charodejki.

In Russia on Trifon spoke of mice and mierniki. Miernicki is the place where the mouse had found his food and warmth. The healer came to this mechanico, took out the sheaf (or shred, if it is on the Seine) on all four sides, with the four winds”, carefully put it all back together with particular suggestions, and the nose of the house who invited him to the householder. Here born was kept clean-swept clean, hot-heated before baking and rosiglita nachalnoy red poker. What remains after the burnt scraps of hay or sheaves ash carefully verbalise and transported to the threshing floor where they sleep in those places, where they had been taken out of the sheaves.

Witch doctor, vysypat ash in appropriate places, read special charms. It was believed that after that took the mice, their rat king away. Also in the day of Trifon unmarried girls prayed for the grooms. February is a traditional month of weddings, and this time was considered best in order to ask a higher power about family happiness.