Two contaminated sites in the city center of Sherbrooke

News 12 March, 2018
  • Marika Simard

    Monday, 12 march, 2018 20:50

    Monday, 12 march, 2018 20:50

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    SHERBROOKE – environmental studies, commissioned by the city of Sherbrooke, show that two plots of land are contaminated in the center of the city.

    On the side of the zone of priority development of the Well project inc., approximately 650 cubic metres of land are contaminated with hydrocarbons and foundry sand. The city estimates that it would cost between $ 60,000 and $ 120,000 for clean up the site.

    Another field, that of the old Maysen pub, rather approximately 2500 cubic metres of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons. This time, the City will pay$ 250,000 to clean up the site.

    “We can build, but all the soils that are affected will need to be addressed if it is excavated to make the foundations of the building. The material that will be released will need to be managed accordingly,” said Caroline Gravel, director of urban infrastructure for the City of Sherbrooke.

    In the wake of the revitalization of the centre of the city, the company L. P. Royer, had expressed its interest to build its innovation centre on the old ground of the Mayson pub. However, no deed has yet been signed between the city of Sherbrooke and the contractor.

    “I don’t think it [the contaminated soil] has not compromised their arrival. This is not the whole of the land that is contaminated, therefore, it is possible to work in a sector, while other jobs are in an other sector”, said Ms. Gravel.

    The Society for the history of Sherbrooke argued that a garage was installed at this location in 50 years, which could explain why the soil is contaminated.