Tyrant Zodiac sign — the most harmful men!

Techno 7 February, 2018

2018-02-07 21:59

Tyrant Zodiac sign — the most harmful men!
Yes, and men not Angels! Here’s a ranking of the most harmful Zodiacs men. Find yourself, if you’re a man. And girls, by the way, is also useful to know what to expect.

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If you had to meet on the vital way of the RAM, can run to the pharmacy for antidepressants. This member of the family lamb for his stubbornness and selfishness that appear childlike, can in a jiffy to take you to the grave. Even if he knows what is wrong, will still argue, just on principle. He always has his own opinion on any subject, even such in which Aries is not good. A sharp flash of aggression and bad mood – decoration of this sign. However, it departs as quickly as it erupts.


Taurus thinks they can do whatever they want to do, and if so, then why bother? He is always pleased with himself. Even in the case when proud of something, in General, nothing. Excessive stubborn Taurus finds the strength of character of this man, miserliness takes reasonable frugality and tendency to pessimism realistic perception of the world.


No one Zodiac sign no such gift to turn everything on its head, as the Twins have. Bored then not get bored with them, but on the second week of intensive communication will feel something of a Sprinter among the stayers, hopelessly behind the others and tortured to death. If you’re able to sustain the Twins and their high tendency to constant changes (given that you’re not a Twin), you should erect a monument. They hang out here and there, I love to fool and mock me. The future with them more than unreliable, but real funny. Loyalty from the Twins don’t expect is to turn – they’re already flirting with your girlfriend.


This annoying and whiny in every girl is looking for the continuation of his mother, and if it finds its ideal, it will certainly try to get married. Cancer is an active lover of hearth and coziness ahead of time will bring his wife to the grave my eternal complaints about how you need to properly wash the dishes, feed her cat and to make an omelet. Marriage with a Cancer – ruined youth.


Fixated on his own person, the lion does not notice around anyone except myself. Well, except that even those who admires them. He’s arrogant and thinks he is too magnanimous to remember wrongs and promises. Royal lady loves to spend money, to celebrate life and surround yourself with beautiful girls. Very jealous, hot-tempered and impressionable. He shifts, when his jealous, because can’t even admit the thought that someone might consider it their property. It needs to be you always come first, and if you move your date to another day because of the need to visit a sick aunt, can a mortal offense. What, what, Auntie?


It’s a terrible pedant. He (or rather it would be to say “she”) brings you with detail and notations. Virgo will grumble that the oil is cholesterol and fried very harmful for the stomach. Lazy to a disgrace, but considers himself hardworking, sometimes swinging to make some small change. With emotions it embarrassing to love is very wary.


Libra suspicious, secretive, and petty. Am irritable and unable to vent their anger on the first available under the arm, if things don’t go as he wanted. Come up with a different non-existent problems and then solve them for a long time. Have a lot of friends, but really almost don’t trust anyone.

Nasty, corrosive and vindictive Scorpio all the time irritated, if something is not done the way he thinks is right. The constant carping and dark look, able its weight almost to drive on the belt in the ground, will bring to mind anyone. And when this insect will begin to be jealous little you will not find it. Money not considered, but remembers how many times have you forgotten to enjoy his gift.

He’s not lying. But that is only because his essence can’t stand the lies. Not lying even when telling the truth is inappropriate. If he is caught lying to you, expect trouble. Sagittarius insanely jealous, but he never misses a skirt. Even his sense of humor is unable to compensate for its shortcomings.

Kozeroga – stubborn all two hundred and absolutely defies belief. Even if he agrees with you, or your opinions coincided, or he just does not want to “cast pearls before swine.” In the latter case, to be sure – deep down, he did not doubt the correctness. Capricorn – the more boring, he hardly tolerate noisy fun party and can be lost to society if not to carry out educational work with him. However, to convince, as previously stated, almost impossible, so better to put pressure on its interest and to bring some idea of a very careful man-Capricorn decided that it was his own idea. Capricorn is ambitious, he thinks he knows life and therefore can spend hours to lecture you on how to live, and especially how to spend money. Therefore it is better to keep a little joy in your shopping yourself.

Aquarius loves to dream and conceive something Grand, but his energy and patience rarely enough to at least begin. He will promise you a lot of stuff, and in a minute the promises of Aquarius he believes that task was done, but you do not believe his sweet words. In serious cases, for Aquarius it is better not to count, even more so, you should not dream to hoist the responsibility for something on his manly shoulders, and rely primarily on itself.

You need a normal guy, confident and firmly on the ground, and not hovering somewhere in the clouds? Then you’ve come to the wrong address. Fish live in their own worlds, their own laws, and, as a consequence, it is not adapted to real life. Fish – children in the shower, they are indecisive, overly sensitive, and they need constant care, otherwise they may be lost through their lack of independence.