U.S. scientists have taught Robotron jump and climb hills

Techno 10 February, 2018

2018-02-10 10:06

U.S. scientists have taught Robotron jump and climb hills
American scientists from Harvard University have developed a cockroach-robot named HAMR-F. Autonomous Robot eats, the experts were able to teach him to jump, run for the hills.

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HAMR-F has a 4.5-inch length, runs at a speed of 17.2 centimeters per second, climbs up the inclined surface, moves sideways, and even jump, said scientists at Harvard University, reports Rus.Media. Projecting Robotron, the experts decided to abandon the typical for such inventions of electric motors, citing the subsequently occurring difficulties in management. Each of the 4 legs HAMR-F is equipped with two piezoelectric actuators. These elements move the legs horizontally and vertically with any strength and at any time.

A cockroach-robot is equipped with Autonomous power supply system. Manage HAMR-F remotely. Soon robotrain will get new devices and sensors, which increases its autonomy.