Unbearable five: the most difficult to communicate signs of the Zodiac

Techno 16 December, 2017

2017-09-19 10:54

Unbearable five: the most difficult to communicate signs of the Zodiac
Different signs of the zodiac “reward” people with a certain set of qualities.

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For some characteristic friendliness, desire to help. Other baffled his impulsiveness, unpredictability, deceit, reports Rus.Media.

The astrologers found out what the five signs of the zodiac are the most difficult. So, here are the top leaders with whom it is better not to get involved in the dispute:


Fifth place went to Capricorn. K – means king. So one word can describe the representatives of this sign. Capricorns are convinced that only they are the sovereigns, and their word is law. Collapsing the simple rule of waiting for favor.

To communicate Capricorns prefer those who are considered worthy of their level. It is not surprising that social circle they have a small, not so much kings and Queens on this planet.

Even Goats cannot be forced to do anything against their will. They even will not listen, in the best case — say “no” and don’t even think to explain the reason for the refusal. Not Imperial this business!


Strange but true: in fourth place is the intellectuals – Aquarius. They are smart, reasonable, able to calculate each step and achieve the goal.

Sometimes their positive qualities grow in a dictatorship is a negative. “I did and I did, you have to do,” they impose their will on others.

Accumulated a wealth of experience and dedication can play with Aquarius cruel joke, they cease to listen to the opinions of others.

Aquarians do not consider it shameful to blame someone to justify themselves.


Third place went to the most unpredictable sign of the Twins. Now they are playful, restless, as children, in a second wearing a “mask of indifference”.

Way from warm friendliness to the haughty coldness overcome in an instant. They stretched the arm or leg up is even Twins don’t know for sure.

They always need to be alert and protect their vulnerabilities. If the Twins know about them, and will stab you there. According to the degree of deceit – they are ahead of the rest.


Second place went to the rams. Their element is fire. “Burn bridges” to break the relationship that was built up over decades, is that they are able for a split second.

Live by the Charter of the two points. First: Aries is always right. Second: if Aries wrong – see first paragraph.

If in your environment there are representatives of this sign, keep patience and be willing to admit he was right.


The leaders of the rating. They have a very cruel attitude to the world, super-ego and vindictive character. They cannot live in order not to sting.

In 80% of their venom is aimed at others and only 20% — for themselves. Extremely demanding of himself and others.

Have good intuition and firmly believe that anything is possible. Become the way of the Scorpion – the easiest way to commit suicide.

For those who are stopping them, always holding in reserve a substantial portion of poison. Will bite with great pleasure and go on without looking back