Understanding bitter taste to the workers of Molson

News 12 March, 2018
  • Photo Agence QMI, Joel Lemay
    Hundreds of workers of the Molson brewery commented on the bid submitted by brewer to school on The Plateau Sunday.

    Axel Marchand-Lamothe

    Sunday, 11 march, 2018 23:04

    Sunday, 11 march, 2018 23:04

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    The agreement confirmed for correctness by the members of Molson Sunday leaves a bitter taste for workers who complain have made concessions without receiving any guarantees in anticipation of the relocation of the production in Longueuil.

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    “It has just cost me 10 000 $ in my pension fund “, was launched with despite Ghyslain Dufresne, a worker of 50 years to his release from the school on The Plateau in Montreal, where stood the decisive vote.

    Like many of the 550 employees affected, the prospect of a strike didn’t really please him not, but the final result no more.

    “I’m going to take my pension at 65 instead of 61 “, a-t-he dropped.

    Molson had submitted to union members for a final offer in the hope of avoiding a strike which was supposed to be fired last night.

    The brewer had sent an internal note at the beginning of the month, which we obtained a copy, to encourage employees to go vote after having had a participation rate of only 66 % during the last election.

    The employment agreement of four years has finally been accepted to 55 % by the 453 workers present, representing a participation rate of a little over 80 %.


    This division was also reflected in the reactions of the employees that The Newspaper has encountered.

    “There is no job guarantee for those who are not permanent, and lamented for his part, Éric Gagné. And the more young people find themselves with insurance that disadvantage. “

    Many of his colleagues were nonetheless relieved not to have to live with a strike and its financial consequences.

    The important differences of opinions between the different generations of workers on the pension plan and group insurance have been at the heart of the negotiations.

    This was the most discussed during the question period before the vote.

    According to the union, gains have been made in regard to wages and the terms of the sub-contract.

    Photo Agence QMI, Joel Lemay

    Stéphane Lacroix


    “The vote of the workers reflects their concern at the new plant,” says Stéphane Lacroix, director of communications of Teamsters, which represent employees.

    Many members have confided to the Newspaper worry about the automation of operations with the construction of a new brewery to 2021 in lieu of that of the rue Notre-Dame est.


    The union now intends to bring Molson with a commitment to maintain jobs, in particular for the production of bottled beers, the new complex beer of Longueuil.

    “It was not bargaining for the new plant,” said François Lefebvre, director of corporate affairs, Quebec and Atlantic canada for MolsonCoors.

    “We understand the concerns of the employees, he adds. But our investment demonstrates that we want to keep manufacturing jobs in Quebec. “

    The company is pleased to be able to an agreement “fair for all” and wants to continue to work in collaboration with the employees.

    Molson brewery of the rue Notre-Dame

    • Founded in 1786
    • 550 unionized employees
    • Average salary between 50 000 and 60 000$
    • Average age: 45 years
    • Less than 10% are women

    New agreement in brief

    • A part of the subcontracting is eliminated.
    • Salary increase of 5 % over four years
    • Signature bonus of 1000 $
    • Pension plan to a defined contribution with a stake of 16.5% of Molson.
    • Endorsed to 55 % for the unionized employees.