Unexpected things that make a man

Techno 15 December, 2017

2016-07-24 23:15

Unexpected things that make a man
Sometimes what women think it’s terrible – no makeup, tummy without the abs, small Breasts men find very attractive.

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1. The lack of makeup
Scientists estimate that over the whole life of the average European woman spends about 120 000 euros on cosmetics. However, many men the presence of cosmetics on the woman’s face leaves a perfectly indifferent, and some representatives of the stronger sex and do not like when a woman is wearing makeup. Men primarily attracted to the woman her natural pristine beauty. Besides, men like to kiss their ladies, and to do it with pretty girl who is afraid that her makeup will be erased, not very pleasant. Everything else not all men like the taste of lipstick and concealer, and it is quite a weighty reason to refuse them. So, applying makeup, remember that it is able not only to attract men’s attention, but also to push it away from you man and closer communication.
2. A small tummy
Despite the fact that posters and glossy magazines look at us slender girls with perfectly flat stomachs and swapped, in real life men prefer a small delicate bellies of the ladies hearts. Representatives of the strong half of mankind like “cozy”, soft women, so nice little tummy on which you can lie down like on a cushion, looks very natural, which undoubtedly excites men. Everything else, when the female figure is not perfect, the man on her background is calmer and to his bodily shortcomings, which are not entertaining in themselves complexes for this reason.
3. Small wrinkles

All the girls are very worried when they notice the first wrinkles, thinking that the mesh on the skin speaks volumes about her youth left behind, and so mercilessly fight with any manifestations of the hated wrinkles. However, men, as it turns out, has a different opinion about this phenomenon. Many men find a small wrinkle very sexy – after all, they say that in front of them Mature an experienced woman, and sexually, too, which greatly excites them. As you know, pronounced wrinkles around the eyes and nasolabial area often appear when a woman laughs a lot. And it talks primarily about her Sunny disposition and cheerfulness that cannot fail to attract men.
4. Stretch marks
Small stripes of purple or white color that often appear on the body when sharp fluctuations in weight and during pregnancy, is often a disappointment to women. But do not just run to the store for creams for stretch marks or to the beautician to remove them if you notice them on the skin. Many men are swept away on the female body are very exciting. As already mentioned, most men like women natural. And stretch marks are a reminder that the woman carried and gave birth to my husband a child, they speak of loyalty and devotion to women. On top of that stretch marks usually are intimate parts of the female body (stomach, thighs, Breasts), and the understanding that these characteristics of his beloved only knows it could have a husband.

5. Small Breasts
Not all men are dreaming to have their women had large Breasts, like porn actress. The majority of men considers primarily not the size of the Breasts, and her pretty shape and firmness. But these settings are often at the height of the owners of a small bust. After all, small Breasts, light and often has an attractive and neat appearance, less SAG and longer retains its shape. And neat high Breasts suggests that the organism of its owner is young and healthy, and that the woman is of childbearing age, which, of course, subconsciously attracted the attention of men.
6. Simple and comfortable underwear
Why women buy lace panties and bras? Of course, to surprise and excite these items toilet your husband. However, it is not strange, simple cotton panties and bra is able to excite the mind of a man no less.
The fact that in ordinary, everyday life, women often prefer to wear just the same simple comfortable cotton underwear, no lace and satin inserts. And, seeing this regular underwear on the woman, the man will assume that she likely did not expect today, sex, but thanks to the eloquence and the onslaught of the men, gave in and agreed. But their own uniqueness in the eyes of the ladies and the ability to seduce a woman can not leave indifferent neither one man.

7. The roots of dyed hair
Of course, shiny and evenly colored hair is attractive. However, maybe not necessarily so much effort, but it is sometimes useful to allow yourself some departing from the standard canons of beauty. So, the roots on the painted hair looks a little sloppy. But many men like a small retreat from the image of the “ideal woman.” Next to the Queen, which is a little bit grown the roots of the hair, the man will feel at home relaxed and comfortable. In addition, often be negligent, and even a certain brutal kind of woman excites men. Maybe undyed hair roots remind them of those bad girls who were attracted in their youth and were advised to stay away from their mother. Therefore, this method only boosts the sexual attractiveness of girls.
8. Smeared makeup
Smeared or stale make – up is a consequence of bright nights when after the whirlwind dates you were not able to correct spray shadows and traces of mascara on the eyelids. As strange as it may sound, but many men recognize very sexy! Traces of make-up can remind the men about how you spent all night having sex and in the morning you don’t have time to wash off your face the consequences of a passionate evening. You look simultaneously defiant and vulnerable, which is very attractive to men.

9. A good appetite
For a long time not fashionable at the evening meeting in the restaurant of a large given a menu to choose a simple non-alcoholic cocktail and a leaf of cabbage salad. If a woman has a good healthy appetite and she is not shy in the choice of alcohol, it tells about her inner strength and confidence and that she doesn’t care, I will think about it more. Everything else, trying different meals and different without abandoning alcoholic beverages, woman gives a man a non-verbal signal that she also likes a variety of sex and capable of uninhibited and passionate acts in the bed.