Useful tips. How to touch the soul of man

Techno 22 December, 2017

2016-12-18 13:31

Useful tips. How to touch the soul of man
This is a list of what a woman can do to hurt my soul.

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And although this is quite subjective, I think many men want the same, reports Rus.Media.

A woman who pays attention to these moments — the one I want to be. So:

1. She needs to get to know me.

One of the greatest gifts we can give another person is to be there fully. To listen, to observe, to show you what I see and try to understand the person and appreciate him and what he’s doing. At this sight the woman blossom in front.

But men also need such participation. If you want fancy his mind, then try to know him — to see, to hear, and to let him know that you see him, see his soul.

You may wonder what level of intimacy and tenderness that cause it.

2. She needs to enjoy what and how I do it.

The greatest joy For man is to use his body, strength, skills, and abilities to do something. Maybe he’s cooking dinner, playing sports or just moving furniture — help them, show that you like it. Tell him he’s sexy when doing something. Men do not have enough compliments.

3. She should talk, as I affect it.

If she’s got butterflies in my stomach when she’s near me, if her heart beats faster when I say or do, if it give birth to my kisses — then let her tell me about it. She needs to talk about his feelings when with me, and I will feel closer. I need to know that I mean something, and then I will remember every moment with her.

4. It should be close at all times.

Not always good and in difficult times men tend to escape “into my cave”. Society teaches us to solve all problems independently. But if a woman really cares she should not leave him alone. Do not have to try to help to get tips, but just to show you care and attention.

A man can remain silent and do not want to talk about their problems. But this does not mean that he does not want to see a woman nearby. On the contrary, he wants to know that she will be there, even if it is not through all of it. If she stays with him, if you show that it’s OK sometimes to be weak, he will open my soul to her.

It is sometimes not easy and you need patience but it is rewarded.

5. She should be interested in my Hobbies.

So, the man and woman perceive the world differently, and that’s fine. Women the world more sensitive, subtle and dynamic, rapidly changing. Man it’s hard to understand. But he will try, if he sees that his woman is interested in his male world. Ask questions, ask him to explain to you that, say, extreme sports, martial arts, or cars — and you’d be surprised how it starts!