Using these tips, you will accelerate the speed of the computer!

Techno 19 January, 2018

2018-01-19 09:54

Using these tips, you will accelerate the speed of the computer!
7 keyboard shortcuts that will speed up your computer 4 times!

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And for Mac and PC

Almost all of us convinced that he owns a computer, whether Windows or Macintosh.

And 99% of us are wrong! Though, because most of us don’t even know basic, basic keyboard shortcuts. Well, the truth is that you know in addition to ctrl+c and ctrl+v?

Meanwhile, studies show (and any programmer will confirm) that shortcat can accelerate your speed of work on the computer 4 TIMES!

Here are the main hotkeys. We assure that they actually will save you thousands of hours of life!

1. How to block a computer if you need to move?

No one likes to have his boss read his conversations in chat rooms can see “soromno” tab on your monitor. In the end, you also don’t want someone peeping into your monitor while you go to brew your coffee?

This quick shortcut will instantly lock your computer, and you will be able to fully enjoy the break:

For Windows: “start” button (second from left bottom) + L.

For Mac: Cmd + Alt + Eject.

2. How to quickly open accidentally closed tab?

Unfortunately that happens a lot: closed the browser window and accidentally removed the excess. Instead of looking for it in the history, use these “clinics” your carelessness:

For Windows: Ctrl + Shift + T.

For Mac: Command + Z (Safari) and Ctrl + Shift + T (Google Chrome).

3. What to do if your computer locks up?

It happens that you sit yourself in Photoshop, but it is time — and hanged the whole computer. And he’s unresponsive. Typically, users then click on Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart. But this is not the best way.

It is much better to use the shortcuts that will stop only this one other program:

For Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

For Mac: Cmd + Option + Shift + Esc.

Hold these buttons for 3 seconds in a row, and hung program will close and you will be able to continue working and not lose all changes in all their documents.

For those who don’t understand what are the buttons for Macs displayed:

4. How to juggle Windows?

Are you still using the mouse to move from one window to another? Uh… Actually it’s much easier.

For Windows: Alt+Tab.

For Mac: Cmd + Tab.

5. You need to quickly save the page address?

As practice shows, this combination will save you millions of moments:

For Windows: Alt + D.

For Mac: Cmd + L.

6. What if the boss crept up behind?

It happens that to work you just lazy. And you are considering articles on the Lifter. And you have a dozen other Windows. How to pretend you’re working?

These shortcut quickly clean browser window and return to the screen from Word or Excel:

For Windows: Windows + D.

For Mac: Fn + F11.

7. How to take a screenshot not of the whole screen, but only need part of it?

All Windows users are accustomed to press “Print Screen” when you want something to show friends.

But it so happens that on the screen open too much, and trim the — long and tedious.

Here’s how to always select only what you need:

For Windows: Alt + Print Screen.

For Mac: Cmd + Shift + 3 (the screenshot is placed in the file) Ctrl + Shift + Ctrl + 3 (the screen goes to the clipboard) Ctrl + Shift + 4 (only need a piece of screen goes to a file) Ctrl + Shift + Ctrl + 4 (needs a piece of falls into the clipboard).

Well, how’s this selection? Don’t tell me that it’s not quite what you dreamed of!