VR Helmet: This virtual reality horror series will make you shiver!

Techno 14 July, 2017

Alexandre Aja, a prolific French horror film director, is soon to direct a series of horrors. His particuliarity ? You can watch it with your virtual reality helmet.

Those who are interested in cinema know Alexander Aja. The director of the high-tension horror films and the remake of La Colline has eyes soon plans to direct a series. The latter will be inspired by the Tales of the Crypt but will have another interesting feature: it will in reality virtual way Alien Covenant who also proposed its VR experience! The show by Alexandre Aja, named after Campfire Creepers, will be produced by Oculus and Future Lighthouse to offer many possibilities! We already imagine that we will already shudder, helmet on our heads.

For example, the ability to review an episode several times and discover new elements through 360 ° vision. We can already imagine the many finds that will be made after many screenings. Obviously, we think of the horrific potential of such a project: what better way to feel fear than to live it realistically as in the video proposed recently of The Walking Dead in virtual reality? Finally, Robert Englund, the famous Freddy of the Claws of the Night, will make an appearance in one of the episodes. Campfire Creepers will be offered as soon as Halloween.