Wagon – brownies who live in trains

Techno 1 February, 2018

2018-02-01 20:12

Wagon – brownies who live in trains
Near people are always different spirits. And if home is a house, in the train – car.

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What are these entities, what function they perform and how to get along with them?, reports Rus.Media.

Who are the wagon

Wagon – perfume, live in trains. For them, the cars – the home, which they otherwise cherish.

This entity:

Maintain cleanliness and order.

Do not allow quarrels and theft.

Help managers to deal with difficult passengers and reviewers.


Create a cosy atmosphere.

Typically, each spirit is responsible for one car, but there are exceptions. For example, one carriage may consist of a part, if for some reason the “frame” is not enough.

What wagon are different from brownies

The fundamental differences between wagon and house there are spirits that protect the place of residence. They similar in appearance: small in stature, covered with hair, with the prehensile paws. But due to the nature of the profession “wagon show some characteristic features.

For example:

if the house put the milk or light red wine, the wagon is traditionally treated to vodka;

spirits train tolerant and even sympathetic to a drunk, in every possible way protecting them;

wagon can handle cigarette smoke, which is often annoying brownies.

Overall wagon lenient, as they are initially set in contact with lots of different people. The spirits put up with the noise, happy to take care of young children, help the elderly to sleep, soothe cleared company. The only thing they don’t like is disrespect to yourself and to the train. One who intentionally spoils the “state” property, for no reason scolding the conductor, insults passengers, may get punishment from the spirit – for example, to be “forgotten” in one of the stations.

Good and evil wagon

Usually wagon – gracious hosts who are trying to help the conductors and passengers. But some spirits demonstrate the tainted nature and cause harm.

In such cars:

there is bad smell of unknown origin;

broken Windows, latches, catches, clogged toilets, running out of water;

always dirty;

live cockroaches and other insects in large quantities;

bad sleep.

To be “away” from the evil wagon unpleasant. People feel uncomfortable and happily out of the train at stops to get a little rest from the oppressive atmosphere. Conductors who are working “in tandem” with the evil wagon, become nervous and aggressive. They are often tormented by irrational fear, they are prone to anxiety attacks. A after a while quit, not withstanding the unfavorable neighborhood.

Why did the wagon become evil?

Most often it is due to the lack of attention. As regular brownies, these spirits love a good attitude. They need treats and recognition of their importance. Another possible situation is a murder that once occurred in the train. Negative energy is absorbed by the spirit, his temper worsening.

How to Woo a wagon

Usually wagon coax conductors: this information is shared in a professional environment from older to younger. In some cases, there may be some nuances, but traditionally the spirit train:

Put in the right corner of the working compartment of the coins collected in the car (passengers often lose little money).

Pour a glass of vodka (this must clink with the spirit).

Leave in an inconspicuous place candy.

Passengers can also to appease the wagon to help them successfully drive without losses and in a good mood. The primary available ritual – ticking. It is necessary to fill a shot glass with vodka, you attach it to the wall or the edge of the table and move them around without lifting from the surface. When you say this:

“Wagon-father, drink with you, cheers, chat, each other recognize. (To voice the request, if any)”.

Drink drink. Note that to start you need to clink glasses in the direction of movement of the train. That is, first shot lead in the direction in which you go, and then in the opposite. If you confuse, there is a risk of incurring trouble.

Wagon should be considered and guides the owners, the managers responsible for the car. And respect to the spirits should be adequate – courteous, polite, and sometimes obeys. Then the trip will be easy and hassle-free.