Weights– massage, and Cancers – small gifts: how to treat different signs of the Zodiac

Techno 14 March, 2018

2018-03-14 15:22

Weights– massage, and Cancers – small gifts: how to treat different signs of the Zodiac
How would you like to be pampered, in accordance with your Zodiac sign.

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Each of us lives a small child who reaches out to love and affection. As we want to have spoiled other depending on the sign of the zodiac under which we were fortunate to be born?

1. Aries: bubble bath

You want a room in a classy hotel with a Jacuzzi in the shape of a heart and with soothing massage jets. You stretch out a glass of fine wine, and you are immersed in water with bubbles and aromatic salts.

2. Taurus: flowers

Do nothing but pleased with how the unexpected gift of a bouquet of favorite flowers or a pot with a flowering plant. In our routine daily life, filled with boring chores, this floral gift will enliven your entire home, fills it with light, and it instantly sparkle with all colors of the rainbow.

3. Gemini: Breakfast in bed

Does it give you an indescribable pleasure, when you can luxuriate in bed in the morning and a loved one, gliding silently across the room, brings you freshly prepared, piping hot, for Breakfast, your favorite juice and hot coffee. Feeling so much tenderness and attention every waking moment, you’ll stay in good mood.

4. Cancer: little cute gifts

You will feel that you love, and if you Wake up in the morning, you will see that to the windshield of your car attached romantic card. At work you are surprised to learn that you ordered and paid for the lunch of your favorite foods that will bring you to a break. And when you return home, you will find in your mailbox some little surprise.

5. Leo: to fall asleep and Wake up with a text from a loved one

You need to know that a loved one before going back to sleep, only thinking about you and waking up thinking about you. You are not just messages Goodnight wishes, good morning. You really like it, except when the text and cute pictures, cheer up.

6. Virgo: an unexpected trip somewhere

You already rather tired of the monotony of your everyday life! How to break out of this vicious circle? The recipe here is only one: throw away all your fears and caution, in five minutes, bring a backpack and wave to the place where everything is different: the mountains, the sea, in big cities, the Outback, anywhere. By the way, you’ll be in seventh heaven if someone will give you such a journey.

7. Libra: massage

You mostly like to control everything in my life, and some modern and advanced person will not like it? However, from time to time, you want to prostrate on the warm massage table, relax and ease tension throughout your body.

8. Scorpio: when you listen carefully

You feel that you cherish when you are listening and not telling you anything. So you are not looking for someone’s advice. “Thank you, I’ll deal with my problems,” you say. You just need someone to sensitively listened to you until you forgive me and will not find peace in his soul.

9. Sagittarius: treat a home-cooked meal

Nothing helps you feel like meals prepared for you loved one. Often they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – in the case of women it also works. You can win it by gastronomy.

10. Capricorn: when you sing

You cry when listening to songs about love, and nothing makes you tears of joy, as when a loved one Serenade you. There is only you and him, singing and looking at you. Best of all, these songs sound when you are alone and no one will interfere.

11. Aquarius: love letters

You please love letters the old-fashioned hand: page after page where your loved one describes in detail how he loves you and live without you can’t. Such feelings cannot be expressed by Facebook message or an ordinary SMS with emoticons. You love handwritten messages and even store them in a special box.

12. Pisces: to sleep longer than usual

You know that work harder than anyone in this world, and you get paid the least, and because nothing helps you feel better, if you allow to sleep the day away, and the other person will do all homework. He will prepare Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Will clean house. Go to the store and the post office. You may appreciate and be immensely grateful!!!