What can you tell the body position of a sleeping person

Techno 21 January, 2018

2015-09-12 08:21

What can you tell the body position of a sleeping person
Scientists have proved that the body position of a sleeping person talk about it all: what she thinks, she feels and what he wants.

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Psychologists have found that between a pose that takes a person in a dream, and its worldview there is a close relationship. Moreover, experts say that the body language of a sleeping man never lies. So what can tell the pose of a man in a dream?

The body language of a person is determined by his subconscious. Communication through words is controlled by the human mind, so people can give false information. The language of gestures are impossible to fake. Therefore our postures, facial expressions and gestures can say more about us than our words. The most reliable information about the person gives the position of his body during sleep.

Of course, no one can sleep all night in the same position. During the night the posture of a person can vary up to 40 times, but if she is under stress, more often. However, each person has a favorite pose that he adopts during sleep most often. Typically, this is the position in which the body is in the moment of awakening (although this does not apply to awakening by the alarm call which can catch us at any of the stages of sleep).

Sleeping on the back. Usually, in this position the person is relaxed. She talks about self-confidence and psychological strength of man. Such people feel confident in any situation, always ready to accept new information and new acquaintances. However, confidence may be replaced by self-confidence. Indicator of this is hypertrophy of the posture of sleep and excessive activity of the entire area of the bed: in this case, sleeper is widely throwing his hands and legs, trying to take more living space.

Pose “embryo”. The first position is characterized by sleeping position on its side, with legs bent and tightened to the stomach, but the man himself hugging a blanket or himself. As a rule, the man hammered into the far corner of the bed, or seeks to occupy a space against the wall. This posture suggests that the person is afraid of real life and does not want to participate in events that pass it. These people badly needed a leader, patron, or protector, which will protect them from the difficulties of real life and take custody of him and responsibility.

The pose on the belly. This is the posture in which the person lies on his stomach and tries to “cuddle bed”. Hands, as a rule, lie on the pillow or on the sides of the body, the legs are not Curling, but on the contrary. The person sleeping in this position, trying to manage your life and make all the important decisions. In addition, it is difficult to accept criticism, since it considers all their actions and decisions the only right one. This posture of sleep shows the extreme persistence in achieving goals, and the attention to detail.

Pose on the side. The last pose sleep pose in which the person sleeps on his side, but not so trapped, as in the first position. Her elongated feet and hands, although feet can be slightly preloaded. As a rule, such a position can be distinguished from the first posture “embryo” for a more relaxed body position. People who spend most of the night in this position, possess analytical mind, perfectly adequate, quiet and reliable. They are easy enough to adapt to any situation and can easily withstand life’s challenges, while not possessing great psychic powers or special qualities.