What does “Carney woman”

Techno 14 December, 2017

2017-12-14 10:31

What does “Carney woman”
The expression “Carney woman” in a particular embodiment, heard all, or almost all people.

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About who is this woman and the origin of this expression thought by many. The main part of people’s memory will only come Babayka that they were scared when they didn’t want to sleep, and more accurate information will give a little.

So who is carni bogeyman? Attempts to find out the origin of this unusual expression is done in a very long time. The history of the expression carni bogeyman. The adjective “ookami” it is trite disguised, well-known obscene word. Scientifically, such a disguised swear words are called euphemisms. In the Russian language, a lot of them. Innocuous at first glance, green trees, Oh, my, Holy cow, yadrena louse, fucking network fucking burnt, and even exotic Japanese policeman – all these euphemisms.