What happens from frequent sex will amaze everyone

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 17:39

What happens from frequent sex will amaze everyone
How often a man and a woman make love depends on what stage of a relationship are partners.

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If love has just begun, then this is no problem, but that couples who had lived together for several years, you start to neglect the bed. We’ll tell you why it should not be done, reports Rus.Media.

The proximity

Many people believe that a bed is first and foremost a physiological satisfaction which is reinforced by a moral sanction. But you need to remember that intimacy is not only physical contact, but the level of trust in the partner, and desire to new emotions. During sex, partners reveal their secret parties and even become closer to each other in moral and spiritual terms.

The elixir of youth

One Scottish study showed that people who enjoy sex several times a week with a regular partner, on average, look 12 years younger than their peers that do not have frequent sex. This is easily explained by the fact that during regular sex in the body of men and women stand out testosterone and estrogen, which helps the body look younger.

Fitness centre

For those who missed the gym and was upset that missed the training we have good news for you. Sex can replace physical exercise will even help to lose excess calories.

Getting rid of heart attacks

Scientists say that to reduce the risk of heart attack and the prevention of cardiovascular disease, need to have sex at least twice a week.


Having sex, you unwittingly are actively dealing with stress and even depression. Why take pills when you can cure yourself in a natural way and still get pleasure from it.