What if the iPhone 8 dazzled like Rihanna’s diamonds with this “mirror effect”?

Techno 12 July, 2017

If we thought that the iPhone 8 would only have two colors (black and white), it could be that Apple offers 4, including a version “mirror effect” that will make you sing “shine bright like A diamond “!

It is now unnecessary to tell you that the iPhone 8 is one of the most anticipated flagships of the moment. And more than ever, the Apple keeps us languishing by chaining the surprises! Recently, it was thought that its top-of-the-range would be declined in two colors (black and white), in tribute to the first model, which blows its tenth candle. But it could be otherwise … At least, according to Benjamin Geskin, a famous leaker, who lets us think that the headed smartphone will be entitled to four colors, including a model “mirror effect”.

More Bling-bling than gold and pink gold, more classy and more flashy than ever, the mirror design of the iPhone 8 has something to sell us dream! It is not without reminding us the design of a certain Sony Xperia XZ … If it does not move like Shakira, the flagship Apple is likely to dazzle us like a diamond like Rihanna! Unfortunately, it is not known if this little jewel (lol) will become official. But if this design is born, it will surely decline in two colors: Black or Silver. Will you opt for sobriety or will you be tempted by the shiny design of the iPhone 8 “mirror effect”?