What is the thinking of men and women during sex

Techno 14 December, 2017

2016-08-24 17:05

What is the thinking of men and women during sex
For those who have already grabbed the keyboard, ready to come an angry comment: “nothing!”, “What do you know about love?!”, “Find somebody else!”, formulate the question differently: “what are you thinking About during sex?”. Is that better?

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1. What the hell is he doing? Does he think I like this? Time to take things into their own hands
2. Pogaluista, don’t stop, it’s too good to stop right now.
3. Why it doesn’t make any beeps? I don’t know if he’s bored or he’s just very focused.
4. Wait, I’m going to finish or is it just the rush of excitement that now will be?.. And… Was…
5. Wow, curb your language buddy.
6. Interestingly, this cry did not scare him?
7. How would I achieve any kind of aggressiveness from this valovogo piece of meat?..
8. I’m tired, something he did not cum, you have to take things into their own hands… So now I’m on top…
9. No, I don’t want to change the position, I feel better just…
10. Be patient, be patient, be patient… don’t tell me right now that you love him…
11. Okay, okay, this time IT will not… Time to stop…
12. I want to eat… it will be Okay if I get up and go to eat, when he’s done?


1. Focus, focus, otherwise it will be over soon… what to think? So think about the bad will fall…
2. It was a moan of pleasure or hurt her? What is she saying? She’s in pain? She wants me to finish it? She wants to go one way or faster?
3. It ceased to publish any sounds. What does it mean? She doesn’t like something? So another 45 seconds and if nothing changes I’m done…
4. Ugh, ugh… Blah… Whose hair?
5. How to ask what she needed? So now slowly, and then very quickly… So a few times and then realise how better.
6. So, she’s touching my butt… it takes to as a nut…
7. I must say some compliment… Chest… No, not on the chest. I’m going to ruin it.
8. I was on top for too long and it hurts my hips… to Endure or let her on top?
9. It seems we have an hour doing this and nothing happens… What to do?
10. I wonder who took the Oscar for the main male role in 1997?
11. Don’t move your hips. Or me or you.
12. Phew, she’s done… quickly Now… Oh Yes…