What kind of hell burning signs of the Zodiac

Techno 6 March, 2018

2018-03-06 21:51

What kind of hell burning signs of the Zodiac
Astrology is of the devil. So no doubt, he just have to check the date of his birth, sending you to eternal damnation.

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Each sign of the Zodiac your personal hell, reports Rus.Media.

Aries: hell lack

The devil from hell of the RAM, the hands of the priests and the blatant lack of professionalism, but the horror is that no one will be allowed Aries to direct the process and to fix the schools these mediocrities. So they fire, really can not breed! They boiler is crooked and will screw! So their ad scored, these devils, and they’re here the whole process constipation! Aries will be until the second coming helplessly watch as Everything Goes wrong, nail biting, and suffer from the fact that nobody asks him his valuable thoughts.

Taurus: hell, Sunday shopping

In principle, nothing new Calf in hell is not waiting – he is already seen in “Mega Khimki” Sunday at three in the afternoon. Barely escaped, but hell it is on the hell that just because there take a taxi not to fall. Practical Taurus will surround the Legion of demons that offer to try on a crop top with sequin and evaluate the work of the miracle MOP, it will drive through hell carts full of beer, frozen chicken legs, and toilet paper and the bathroom line will be lined up from here to infinity.

Gemini: hell of a showdown

For all the carefree broken hearts Twins will have to pay a family scandal of endless length. What happens between us, let’s talk about it. Are we all right? Worse than a month ago? A month and a half? And the percentage is worse? Instead of sulfur and fire bliznevsky hell smells like cognac and sage. Boilers don’t boil, but the doors slam and fight endless plates, someone crying in the bathroom or, on the contrary, leaving in a snowstorm and then calling from snowstorms and drunken voice reports that the Twins him all the lucky star broke.

Cancer: a hell of coercive communication

Crayfish will forever go in a closed compartment with three companions, boltlivyj, harmony and a baby with colic. On the car radio will play Joe, and Slipknot early period of decline. At every stop in the coupe comes the conductor with horns and ask Cancer sho he’s so sad sitting. And even if the Cancer will hide in the corner Zabaikalets pillows and fried chicken, still it is not to achieve harmony and solitude – from the top shelf right under his nose Swets someone’s hoof in gray socks.

Leo: hell is full of fail

Since Lion there is no worse grief than to stop being the carrot that everybody likes, that’s what’s going to happen to him. For his vanity lion will pay a persistent zit the size of a plum on the nose, and he grabbed for half an hour before my date with Zack Efron. On that date, however, is still not enough, because it caught a colleague of a Lion the one who’s 10 years younger, 3 a higher education professional and 15 pounds slimmer. And with such competition the lion remains only to admit defeat and to serve as a dishwasher in a leper colony. And even a pant zipper broke.

Virgin: hell makeovers

Virgins, which were the bad girls never see straight lines, order and symmetry. They will spend eternity in the company disorganising men with different-sized horns and dirty boilers. Hell will begin for them even to hell – first, someone lose the keys to the Gates of Hell, then lost the one who went to look for someone who has lost the keys then start the break for lunch, and then it turns out that the devils lost the help of the virgin on the severity of sins and now do not understand what to do.

Libra: hell decision

Tea or coffee? Swifts or brimo? Smaller and cheaper or more expensive, and? Green or square? Hell the Scales is absolutely crossroad of equivalent roads, and choose a suitable one is simply impossible. And on the shoulder of the Weights will sit devil, beat it with a poker on the head and moan: “So you have already identified! Well, have you chosen? Choose? Choose?”. For every minute delay – even a thousand years of this nightmare.

Scorpio: a hell of celibacy

Hard nagris Scorpions get into the City of Sin only to Sin-they will not allow, enough is enough, poputali enough. Scorpio will be watching through the soundproof window at a Swingers ‘ party, promaslennyh strippers and fighting in a hot chocolate, like a poor flower girl on the tree in the manor house. But in vain he beat the glass entrance only by invitation, and the Scorpion did not call. And Tinder is empty. And Mamba depopulated.

Sagittarius: ad deadline

In this life homework Sagittarius often ate Fido, he once broke a computer or rooting the imaginary grandmother. Nothing, all neproblema Shot work waiting for him on the other side – and at midnight it will appear Black Customer. No sleep, no chatter messenger, nor fade quietly to the concert “Mushrooms” just coffee, panic and lack of ideas and the ticking of the clock, every fifteen minutes in a working chat is knocking the enemy of the human race and reports that you need to make some prvacki and fonts to play with.

Capricorn: hell silence

Hell Capricorn will complete ignore and boycott. The devils say Hello, the Prince of darkness did not even nod, and generally pretend that for the first time Capricorn sees. He will find that he was drawn to in a collective chat with the shame kicked out of groups. He is the eternal black list all contacts and no one “likes” to even the most witty caseroom posts. And wander around boilers, restless, and speak something in that hole to no one.

Aquarius: hell of a hangover

Aquarius yesterday was firewood and chips, but the usual situation a Hell of a Hangover different is that “tomorrow” will never come. But the hotel Aquarius is a continuous belt of a social network, in which each status is reminiscent of his fall (from the table) and there is no end zadokumentirovat shame. In the personal hell of Aquarius or aspirin, pizza delivery at home, the cat may I ask where I took a wrong turn, and even steamy banks with a good brine. There is only a terrible hangover and a neighbor with a hammer.

Fish: hell is eternal fixation

Until the end of time the Fish will be about knee-deep in the dowels dry, fill the floor and metapol an eight, sadly dragging 100 meters of wire, and watch as hell with hoots smashing the toilet and shift the tiles – each time with a different pattern, but always crooked. And not see him no more thinner drywall, refined foreman-Satan in boots and scaffolding around the perimeter of his personal hell.