What men want different Zodiac signs from women

Techno 11 December, 2017

2017-12-11 13:42

What men want different Zodiac signs from women
What do men want? The most obvious answer is sex, so, men, like women, need it.

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But no matter how great they are, this is not enough to bind a couple forever. In addition to a healthy couple relationship share common goals, interests and love, because we all have emotional needs. Let’s find out what really waits for you to guy starting from his Zodiac sign.

Aries need perception

Aries are so full of confidence and energy that you would never thought about their fear of being rejected. If Aries is going to be 100% sure that you accept it for what it is and never turn away from him, your relationship will move to a qualitatively new level.

They want reliability

Taurus can be stubborn and determined, but under that cover lurks a guy who is committed to safety. Show him that you will always be on his side and that he can count on your support, even if he is wrong. Believe me, he will reveal his heart.

The twins fit a great conversationalist

Brain Twins is accelerated in a split second, they can think as fast as speaking. Gemini are full of ideas and humor, and love to share them with people. If you’re able to keep up with them and be not only a great companion but also a fantastic listener, consider that you have it in your pocket.

Cancer need patience

Cancer can be Moody, and all because he experiences a storm of emotions. A man needs a patient partner who listens to him with an open heart and does not condemn. The main thing – to take care of Cancer and quietly listen to him without thinking about the shopping list or the selection of dresses for dinner.

The lion’s need to prove himself a hero

Leo loves to be the center of attention. He needs someone special, willing to appreciate his bravery, courage and strength. If you make the Lion feel invincible, he gently rolled at your feet and be true to love you until the end of life.

The virgin needed thanks

Virgin may be a trivial and demanding. Men of this sign love to have everything as expected. If you decide to read one of his books displayed on a shelf in alphabetical order, be sure to put it in place, otherwise the scandal could not be avoided! When virgin fixes the problem for you, let him know that you appreciate that.

Libra can not stand the bias

Although Libra scale sign, they can not stand when they tried. All they need is unconditional love and the knowledge that you will not leave them. However, do not let them relax and acquire bad habits. Everything is good in moderation.

Scorpio need honesty

Yeah, it don’t take much, just be honest with him. Scorpios can lie for any reason and prefer to close was not such a terrible liar. If you show Scorpio your love for truth, they trust you and will plan a long-term relationship.

The arrows depends on open opportunities

If you are closed and are not interested in expanding the boundaries, you do not qualify Sagittarius. They need constant change and partner with the same enthusiasm for traveling and meeting new people. If you show Sagittarius how are you open to novelty, they will sure found a kindred spirit and will not want to part with you.

Capricorn wants Mature mate

Capricorns don’t get along with people who refuse to get their life in order to rise above itself. Capricorn believes that the partner they need when you have the same values and life goals to two. You must be financially stable, but at the same time to realize the importance of family. Show Capricorn that you are equal in all respects, and they certainly will see you as a wife.

Aquarius needs independence

If you are from a cohort of those people who don’t care what others think, and live in your own rhythm, you compatible with the Aquarius. The man of Aquarius bright personality, he’s confident and able to take care of others and himself. You will conquer the Aquarius with its originality and unpredictability.

Pisces crave mercy

Pisces – creative and selfless personality. They will always help in trouble and if you find yourself soul-mate, ready to help and care for others, Fish will sure have met my soul mate.