What men want in a relationship 25, 35 and 55 years

Techno 10 December, 2017

2016-05-02 20:49

What men want in a relationship 25, 35 and 55 years
When and why do men begins a midlife crisis? Looks like the stronger sex to women?

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On this portal, ELLE told the experts of the training center on the issues of relationships and sex.

25 years of trial and error

Young people because of youthful maximalism often rush to extremes, especially in regard to love relationships. This time, maturation of the senses and formation of the person, when love covers a man with the head, but due to the lack of experience to cope with the influx of new and strong feelings to him is not easy.

Women seemed to him mysterious and dangerous element, and it is at this age have the most love pain. Guys pay attention to interesting girls: it is important that the partner was passionate about nature, open, as they themselves want to broaden their horizons — and preferably with odnogodka. For 35% of men, it is important to share Hobbies and interests with my beloved. Unfortunately, in this age a man can be very sensitive, and the experience of women appear to him something incomprehensible. Her problems, he did not attach much importance.

But there are advantages in relations with a young man: he takes very seriously affection. The first stable relationship he will remember for a lifetime, these memories he will carry through the years and through dozens of years those feelings will still look special. In this age of lust and pure love is so great that it is difficult to forgive infidelity and betrayal. 94% of men break up with a cheater, while only 22% give in to the temptation themselves. Sex young people are not very creative, because the act of intimacy in itself gives an incredible feeling. However, sluggish swarming under the blanket, too, is not about them — in my youth there is nothing worse than routine. It is not surprising that 50% of young experimenters will be happy to try a Threesome with his beloved. Be prepared for his suggestion to make love in an unexpected place and other erotic fantasies.

35: game over

A man in the Prime of life, energetic and focused on my career. This does not mean that the relationship is for him to fade into the background — rather, he just wants them a little different. At this time, especially important is the feeling of a reliable home front, stability and understanding, because after the exploits at work so want to go back home where you can relax. To 35 years, 41% of men aware that a woman who can cook is a gift. This does not mean that your path will be the kitchen and raising children: an ambitious man will be able to assess your progress in work and be sincerely interested in your personal growth, because marriage means for him to not look at each other, and to one side. For 35% of men common plans for the future with the beloved becomes more important than common interests, and even intimate relationships.

Mature man for a long time looking for a future partner, but if a woman awakens in him a curiosity and prove their willingness to live together, it will be reliable and caring life partner, able to close their eyes to its shortcomings. In this age the man is attentive not only to the appearance of woman (this he already getting enough), he appreciates her as a person.

In addition, this age is characterized by a desire to diversify sex life: strangely enough, the most extreme fantasies appears in men, not in young age — they come with experience. Sex life is an important aspect of the relationship to 57% of men. Mature young men so open to experimentation in your intimate life, what you can offer to your partner any sex toys or attributes “bdsm” — it is willing to support such initiatives.

55 years: and you can talk to

Not so terrible midlife crisis, as the prospect of meeting him alone: 62% of men are willing to be in a relationship without love, just not to be alone.

A Mature man is experiencing a new upsurge of vitality and especially appreciates the novelty of sensations. At this age he can give the woman the right to be myself — it will take your originality and independence. Only 48% of survey participants will not be able to forgive infidelity. If younger men and prefer a partnership of passion, the Mature man sees in the woman a Muse, able to inspire to new achievements. Male 40 would love you simply because you are who you are, it will be interesting just to chat with you, get to know you and rejoice life.

An adult male will be ready to accept your weaknesses and he will appreciate your ability not to focus on problems. He likes the comfort and is ready to organize for women a quiet life, where nothing will disturb you to enjoy the company of each other. He won’t defend you to his independence, since he does not have to prove it to yourself and deal with complexes, but he will expect you wisdom and condescension (56%). The sex men of this age group happens not so often, but the interests of the partner in the bed, he already puts above his own.

Ekaterina Lyubimova, sex coach:

Men want sex at any age – just like their staged nature. But each period of life leaves in their picture of the world your fingerprints, dictating behavior in relationships and the sexual sphere.

In 25 years he just wants sex, by and large, anyone — or rather, who will agree and who are not afraid. Sex for him is “the measure of all things” and to guarantee a stable relationship. However, the fact of the relationship it’s also incredibly enticing. He, as a young child, enjoys intimacy with a woman and wants that closeness in every sense. With all the tumult of the flesh of the young gentlemen of the most romantic and amorous. Although they have long passed the stage of Platonic libido and quite aware of their body to charm them is much easier than 35-year-old. Because they have not yet experienced all the delights of the female character and failures in sex. Is “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” is encouraging. And it becomes the reason for his forced sexual diet as out of modesty and because of the lack of foresight with the choice of ready on the exploits of the female partner.

The 35 menbefore and wants sex, but now his system is more complicated. After going through the sexual battleground of his youth, he became strong, tough and have learned from them the important principle is to clearly separate sex and relationships. And most importantly, he learned how to do it in comparison with 25 years, when the heart was full, and the excess of emotion could bring not only in singing serenades. In total, 35 he realized that a woman can sleep and live together. Or Vice versa — has already tired of children, families, unfulfilled ambitions and wants to get at least part of their desires, which he had kept to myself at 25. At this age he especially wants the celebration of the flesh, lovers of women, oral, anal, Martian and of any sex, including a must IMG. But unlike a romantic 20-year-old, he is not ready to invest in each “act of love” itself, and especially to turn it into a relationship. That 35-year-old know how to best lie and masterfully change, shamelessly going nowhere after sex, promising a fabulous “tomorrow”.

In 55 years the center of attention of the person shifts from “I want” and “can”. He cares about a good erection. And even if things are good, as they say in the famous ad, “what? And suddenly!”: because the age is already making itself felt. For this reason, in 55 many find themselves in complex psychological crossroads. Those who lost their erotic experiences in previous years, trying to jump into the last car sexual life. They are often indulges in all serious, giving that young companions who, in their opinion, give them vitality and emotional nourishment. Those who to advanced age managed to get enough experience, become more relaxed and often want only one partner, sincerely loving sex. However, such women are very few, and if male, not so lucky with his wife, search for “Queens of heart” can become a long-term problem. A reasonable question arises: if even exchanging sixth decade, a man wants of sensuality, when he wants love? The answer is simple: in fact, for men sex and love are one and the same. To enjoy the body of a beloved woman, to feel desire, to want her for her husband is love at any age — and especially at 55.