What month was your husband born — this will be with him forever!

Techno 27 January, 2018

2018-01-27 19:22

What month was your husband born — this will be with him forever!
People began to realize his life since then looking for a connection between fate and birth date.

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The scientific explanation for this belief, but we know for sure – in the first month of life in humans is the relationship with the surrounding reality, and the subconscious lays the basic habits, reports Rus.Media.

Since then, as people began to realize his life since then looking for a connection between fate and birth date. Some believe in zodiac signs, Chinese horoscope, and the third is a calendar of the druids. The scientific explanation for this belief, but we know for sure – in the first month of life in humans is the relationship with the surrounding reality, and the subconscious lays the basic habits.

The January men

The January men — persons of great will power, are individualists. It is hard to miss. Quickly grasps the essence of phenomena. Reliable, you can depend on him. Always giving sincere and friendly advice. Impatient. Doesn’t believe in fate, thinks that life depends on him. Straightforward, no guile.

In his nature there is something immediate that immediately catches the eye. Its either love or hate, no middle. Not always a good judge of character, sees nuances in the character, here is part of the frustration. He has brilliant analytical thinking. Not everyone can get along with him. Against him should exercise more patience and less arrogance. He is calm, stable, steady work. He can charge all the complicated he can handle it. Very practical, able to live on their income, not making debts. Avoids the annoying and noisy people.

The January man possesses the vitality which is so necessary for the existence of the entire team. Its hard to confuse and to force to turn off the chosen path. It is somewhat selfish. Often compromises their relationships with loved ones. Always picky with relationships, but with relatives may quarrel over trifles. Not overdone, if you do not see the potential benefits. In his spare time he likes to make plans for the future, to engage in intellectual activity.

The February man

The February man with strong character and sensitive. Quick thinking and loves to solve immediately any issues. Problems of life and work constantly worried about him. He has a strong imagination, warmth and sensitivity. Sometimes devoid of artistry and artistic taste, philosophy of mind and the ability to mathematical analysis.

In communicating stubborn in not likes to listen to advice; fortunately, it rarely protects hopeless ideas. Dressed modestly, no bling, but if it requires a lot of money, he always can earn. His abilities are revealed after thirty years. Likes to be active public figure, a priest, a teacher.

In the love arena he is always perfectly clean, the family is sacred. In love, he is also honest and modest, not strong enough for life.

The March of man

March person is endowed with pleasant manners. Excellent command of themselves, it is difficult to disrupt. Committed to continuous self-improvement, has a well developed intellect. Difficult compromise, does not tolerate adventures. Ambitious, he doesn’t care about public opinion. Difficult to tolerate criticism, long experiencing the unmerited charge of anything.

Of enthusiasm is unmatched. Wise, easily find the right decisions, acting quickly, rapidly. It is driven by the desire for success. In a bad mood can flare up, tell sharp that he wouldn’t normally do, then reproaches himself for the outburst. But he’s usually right, accuse him of injustice impossible. Always disciplined, which requires from the other.

Committed to self-expression, manifesting inexhaustible imagination and inventiveness in business. His intelligence and ability to think logically to win the emotional side of nature. The leadership is not committed, but to manage urgent and get things done better than him, no one can. In extreme conditions, always collected, strong, easily finds the right solution. For the opinions of others in such situations does not listen for fear of losing precious time. Its success is ensured by the fact that the opposite party is not ready for such rapid onset.

April man.

April male friendly, verbosity is not typical for him, is a man of action. Although in his childhood he not the bosses of the gang, but for some reason they always go to him.

In the Mature age stands diligence in all things, with obvious pleasure engaged in hard work; in those activities that he has in life to experience, committed to excellence. Whatever he started to do better sooner or later all will know the business: the plant he is an master in teaching by a mentor in the sport is a patient trainer, business mandatory partner. Never refuses to carry out public loads. Ambitious, and it helps him with existing qualifications to achieve a good position in society.

He has a trait in the character, which is appreciated by all mother-in — complaisance, almost always calm, thorough, hardworking and conscientious. Inferior to his wife in trifles, but in serious matters has a hardness that those who closely knows, not even trying to change his mind.

Women value cleanliness. God forbid to appear before him in a greasy apron: keep silent, but will understand that it is extremely unpleasant. In conflicts with others wife always takes her side, even if it is not right. Not jealous, although sometimes the wife may have to lead him by the nose.

May man

May husband is not a long explanation. What is important about his character — quick reflexes, the ability to grasp the essence on the fly. Its living nature does not tolerate delays in the cases. Kind to others, with great warmth refers to family. Usually happy at work. But if it starts a string of failures, one failure follows another. Impatience pushes him to want to manage to do everything on your own. Cocky, but not enough not to be able to calculate the forces. On the one hand, in his nature — an inexhaustible sense of humor and cheerful temper, cynicism and irritability.

Life for him is rarely boring and empty. He is sociable, independent. Has an analytical mind. Stubborn, always does as it sees fit. Loyal friend, you can rely on him. Strives to help, not to drown a comrade. Is a hard worker. Suffers a painful indifference to his person, especially from the authorities. Colleagues is respected, their relationship is based on mutual understanding. Always goes towards the middle. In public life, however, apathetic, prefers to stay away.

Loves to do research and not wasted on trivia. The intellectual side of life interested him much more than life’s problems. Sharp on the tongue. Its main drawback is the excessive persistence, sometimes reaching to conservatism, a lack of confidence, the desire to do everything myself: I am convinced that it is better not do nothing, and fix someone else’s mistakes has no time.

June male

June man an individualist. Ignores public opinion. Conscious of their superiority over others, the ability to influence the team. The feeling of their own strength there is not a drop of anger and envy. Knows what she wants and how to achieve it. Sometimes it is a victim of his own mistakes. Diplomatic, finds a way out of any predicament. Knows the psychology of the people with whom communicates, has the rare gift of human understanding. Many trust him with the innermost secrets. Never loses patience, good control.

Reads a lot, is well versed in a wide range of life’s problems. The team enjoys authority and respect. The mood changes frequently, but it has no effect on others. Smart, has a lively character. His talkativeness depends on with whom. Always think soberly, objective. The sense of community is highly developed, always in a hurry to help your neighbor.

Friends appreciate his judgment and impartiality. Freedom, does not suffer someone’s care. A great conversationalist, his wit and charm make an impression. Energetic, quick to use. Doesn’t like to go to the doctors, most of the time at work, hurt him once.

July man

July person calm, patient, unflappable. Observant, closely follows the psychological state of others. The nervous system is a little unbalanced, and it bothers him to act consistently. Reasonably stubborn. Hardy, can achieve good results in life.

Able to notice the slightest insincerity in the words and actions of their friends, colleagues. However, he is a bit naive and trusting, sometimes gets into an undesirable situation, the consequences of which could include. To some extent he is an altruist, one of those who last crumbs will be given to others. Perceives the world is too sketchy, in the book. For him there are only black and white paint.

In the society of friends trying to find a Bastion of confidence and security. Actively involved in social activities, creates all sorts of companies. If he is inclined to overestimate their capabilities, it kompensiruet the ability to inspire and lead the team.

August man

August man-kind amazing one-piece, courageous. Although often irritated by little things. Dressed exquisitely. Exemplary husband, a great family man. Loves children and pays much attention to them.

This person is persistent in achieving goals. Many traits inherited from the mother. Difficult to meet people, but just get divorced and do not regret it. Always stand up for yourself.

Character stable, balanced nervous system. Communicative, fair in dealing and good-natured. Seeks new experiences, changing emotions. Think soberly, able to take responsibility for themselves. Have a wealth of talent and practical experience. Likes to bring friends real tangible benefits.

Likes to make a good impression. Know how beautiful and fashionable dress, has a good taste. In a nice suit feels more confident and comfortable. Does not like grey. He has a keen mind quickly grasps the essence. Can be an excellent leader, easily and naturally gives the orders, I am sure they are correct. Does not like to repeat several times the same thing. Has developed intelligence, flexible mind. Carefully listening to each sentence, but don’t hurry with conclusions, because if wrong, it is insignificant without damaging the case. Has a strong will, demanding of subordinates. Trust their intuition. Loves to be on the first roles. In the statements specific and focused.

The September man

September man is smart, intelligent, ambitious; tends to dominate the society of friends and relatives. Able to a diplomatic career. Intellectually surpass many if will be able to cultivate strength of character and will, which is not enough to be born in July. In complex situations it may show character. By nature an idealist.

Good organizer and leader, but should protect him from flattery, which is very harmful. To his subordinates he deserves recognition. In any case invested too much passion, perhaps even more than necessary to achieve the goal. Has excellent logical thinking. Prosperity and material wealth he seeks.

Irresistibly committed to diversity, willing to do anything to break the monotony of his life. His intellectual activity is so intense that it must find a way out, rushing at the same time in different spheres of activity. She spends her free time at the TV; to experience the greatest pleasure, poking about in the library Newspapers and magazines and looking for something interesting to surprise friends and colleagues with their knowledge.

Very attached to family. Loves his children, he likes to mess with them, educate them.

The October man

The October man has a huge sincerity with a developed mind and a strong skepticism. Well-developed intuition and logic. Not always diplomatic, and flexible, and its intransigence gives him trouble. He could achieve more if I’d accepted the compromise. Can’t be dependent on anyone, makes no restrictions sincere emotions. In others respects the independence and autonomy of thinking. Friendly and hospitable, faithful in friendship. By nature conservative.

Although capable of selfless acts, always mindful of their benefits and all attention concentrates on personal problems. In a particular case, thinks clearly and business-like. Is a man of action, belongs to those, who regardless of the circumstances, always remains in the win. To new ideas is cautious, with a certain degree of skepticism.

Can’t stand long conversations on the phone. Love is characterized by great integrity, not seeking to change and indignantly refers to the cheating of others. Personal feelings in his idea of responsibility and certain obligations. If he is faced with a choice — love or duty, generally chooses the latter. Children are born heterosexual.

The November man

The November man is diplomatic, thoughtful, serious in business. Very responsible and punctual. Above all, appreciate the honesty. Has the gift to get along with people of different beliefs and ages. But in hot dispute, he certainly needs a win. Someone’s compliance in the basic dispute will hurt him — he is convinced that the rights and needs no favors.

Happy, not thinking about a career — it folds itself. He takes it for granted. Sometimes he wants to be alone, then he withdraws into himself, becoming taciturn. At such moments he is absent-minded, not even one fascinating dispute cannot stir. But time passes — and again he is a sociable, cheerful, tireless entertainer. Never changes its noble ideals. Cordially refers to people. Not tolerate the pressure becomes stubborn, will not allow anyone to impose their will.

Not inclined to amorous adventures, prefer serious feelings, giving a sense of stability. Appreciate the tranquility in the family. Often he boys are born. Relations with the friendly sons. Loves to work with children, maybe a teacher, coach, supervisor of the club. Homebody, loves to travel, but focuses in any city.

The December man

The December man is hardworking and extremely efficient. Like innovations in manufacturing, changes in his personal life. Does not delay indefinitely the hard work. The fact that others will carry for a long time, he manages to do in a few days. Can not sit idly by.

Enthusiastically takes up everything that interests him, is able to qualitatively perform any work that builds credibility among colleagues.

In public relations abhors monotony, abhors monotony in work, often lacks the patience to bring this work to the end. The need for creative expression and seeks to secure a position in society. Not in last place in his life and material well-being. True to his convictions, reluctant to change profession. If he has a hobby, for life. Not prone to disappointments in this area. Very curious and attentive.

Calculates all the many moves ahead.

Seeks financially from anybody not to depend, can earn money and become well off. Attentive man seeks to provide for the family, prefers to have his wife engaged only in the education of children. Spends his free time with his children who love him.