What not to do before bedtime?

Techno 22 December, 2017

2017-12-22 18:47

What not to do before bedtime?
Healthy sleep is an important component of living a healthy body

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So, there are a few things that will do you good before going to sleep, reports Rus.Media.

Do not take a hot bath

Bath before bed after a long day — sounds like a dream. According to experts, the body temperature by the evening decreases by a few degrees, which helps us feel calm and sleepy. So a hot bath will raise the body temperature and, conversely, will give cheerfulness.

Don’t eat chocolate

Losing weight girls are generally recommended to abstain from sweets in the afternoon, and those satisfied with their weight, you can afford a few pieces of dark chocolate after dinner. But it is recommended to eat two hours before bedtime. Caffeine and sugar in chocolate can trigger an increase in blood sugar that does not contribute to the rapid falling asleep.

Don’t drink the wine

No, we do not insist on a sober lifestyle, especially when it comes to one glass of wine in the evening, but those who suffer from insomnia, you should refrain from alcohol at this time of day. It leads to disruption of sleep cycles and also is a powerful diuretic. I could sleep just will not succeed.

Not exercise

This applies to Jogging, training on a stationary bike and cardio workouts. During exercise the heart beats faster and at higher doses produces adrenaline, so your body will be in the excited state. Prefer active sport, yoga or just meditate.

Do not drink tea

Tea contains caffeine, as in coffee. This means that instead of calm you will feel energized. What here a dream. Experts also suggest to abandon herbal tea and water for an hour before bedtime — or “outing“ to the toilet will become your nightmare.