What problems in relationships have to face different signs of the Zodiac

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2017-11-06 16:03

What problems in relationships have to face different signs of the Zodiac
Due to the characteristics of experts can identify the main traits of each sign, which can interfere with to build a harmonious relationship with your partner.

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To study the star people began long ago, reports Rus.Media. They helped to navigate the sea, telling about what will happen in the future. Each zodiac family is unique in their own way. Due to the characteristics of experts can identify the main traits of each sign, which can interfere with to build a harmonious relationship with your partner. Eliminating these errors in behavior, You can better understand yourself and the loved one, and harmonize relationships.

Aries 21.03. — 19.04

You do not want to accept the fact that love may end, but the feeling runs out.

You strive always and everywhere to adjust partner for themselves, forgetting that he is an individual. Not always imposed the pace and rhythm of life suits him. a person may be his vision of the situation with which we must be able to be considered.

You need to learn in some situations to refuse for Your own good.

Taurus 20.04 — 20.05

Your problem is revenge. You prefer to conceal the offense, picking up the time for revenge instead of looking for the real cause of the problem.

You used to sharply criticize, condemn partner. Do not think about uttered a hard, barbed words that hurt of a hurting loved one.

You used to be demanding not only to themselves but also to loved ones. some hard to reach set straps. Because of this, the house can be conflicts.

Gemini 21.05 — 20.06

Your habit to focus on itself frequently offends a partner who also requires your attention.

Are you annoyed order around, order. For You stability, comfort is the coming end of the feelings.

You are in dire need of personal space, you can argue with the second half about the choice of interior for home, fiercely defending their own opinion.

Cancer 21.06 — 22.07

You always think that beloved is going to leave, but at the same time, to give him too much attention, you start to suffocate.

Not receiving the confirmation of love from a loved one, You fall into depression, become a prisoner of melancholy thoughts.

Despite the internal desire to create a happy family, You think of marriage, and especially children, now is not the time.

Leo 23.07-22.08

From stealth and tendency to tantrums having problems with the second half.

You used to demand more attention from the partner, than to give him in return.

You aspire to a comfortable, financially secured life, but want the partner worked more than You.

Virgo 23.08 — 22.09

You aspire to spend every minute with your loved one, not realizing that too much attention can hurt a relationship.

Vazha desire to impose their own rules, the second half may not like. Because the person may have a different opinion about how to build relationships.

You tend to impulsively say offensive things, at first you didn’t want to hurt a loved one.

Libra 23.09 — 22.10

You tend to lie for the sake of another person.

You tend to see in the second half only the positive qualities. Do not want to ignore those who really can hurt You.

Because of his innate indecision You can’t make a decision to enter into a relationship with a man or not.

Scorpio 23.10 — 21.11

You break relations, if you know that partner has cheated or lied to You, not giving a chance for forgiveness. Out of Your life quickly leave those who did You wrong.

The beginning of a relationship is much more interesting for You than the sequel.

You tend to accumulate inside the resentment, discontent. Apparently You did not show.

Sagittarius 22.11 — 21.12

Desire even to preserve personal freedom, not every partner will be able to take. For some it is unacceptable to take a holiday separately and meet only occasionally.

Your desire to do always right does not allow you to go for reconciliation with loved ones. In some cases, you are not giving the person a second chance.

Being with You in an employment relationship, the partner often feels moral exhaustion and fatigue.

Capricorn 22.12 — 19.01

Your desire to do everything for the sake of a loved one does not allow to find time for yourself.

Often You agree with the proposals or solutions that internally You are not satisfied.

You have a tendency to look for excuses to unhealthy relationships.

Aquarius 20.01 — 18.02

Being in a relationship, you want to save the maximum space for yourself.

Quite often there is a feeling that the partner You misunderstood.

You can avoid a long, serious relationship, fearing that they will deprive You of space, personal freedom, opportunities to diversify private life.

Pisces 19.02 — 20.03

You often neglect the opportunity to spend time with your loved one, to concentrate on his own experiences, trying to survive the stress.

Sometimes You think that giving your loved one much more than You.

Through internal coldness, restraint You find it difficult to Express their emotions. partner may not understand You.

If you try to work on them, remove these errors in their relations with the second half, the world will sparkle with new colors and loved one will become much closer.