What smell deters cats (that don’t poop)

Techno 26 December, 2017

2017-12-26 11:38

What smell deters cats (that don’t poop)
Despite the fact that domestic cats no longer have the need to hunt, their ability to track and hunt prey has not disappeared. This is partly due to the fact that not disappeared ability to smell – in cats it is much stronger than humans.

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In the conditions of the apartment or house is the ability to use against the animal, for example, to wean her to mark territory or shit in the wrong places.

To do this, use scents that repel cats. Note that actually all of the following odors cats are not deterred, they just do not like them. That is what the animal traverses the place, which give unpleasant for her scent. Well, let’s find out what smells does not like your pet. If you do not know how to deter cats – know enough to use these odors.

What smells deter cats

  • What smell deters cats more often? – The smell of citrus! And most effective is a lemon – the smell of cats sharp and acute. There are two ways of using: can be diluted with lemon juice and rospechati it over the surface you want to protect from the cat; and you can use the peel of the fruit – you need to put it in places that are undesirable for the appearance of the cat. Citrus is the method used most often, because these smells are unpleasant to cats, but enjoyable for people.
  • Another smell that deters the cats – the smell of onions. Of course, raw onion, no effect will give, but if it RUB or cut into small pieces – cats will avoid the place with the aroma. The same effect will be from the grated garlic. However these options have significant negative and the smell of onions and the smell of garlic for men too not too pleasant.
  • From the available options among smells that repel cats vinegar. Its smell irritates the mucous membranes of the cat’s nose, so it is a good deterrent tool. Also, vinegar is good overpower the smell of cat urine. Overall – a decent option.
  • Some cats repellent effect and can cause the usual spirits. However here all depends on the cat, and from the spirits. But worth a try, suddenly pleasant smell will not be pleasant to the cat and will help in your struggle with unruly pet.

So the cat is not shitting do not spoil the furniture to offer an alternative

Of course, the smell that deters the cat will help to solve the problem, but it is temporary. If your cat scratches the furniture – in addition to handling their odor repellent I need to buy him kgatuke (or make yourself, as you can read in the article about the house for the cat with your hands). If your pet is marking territory – is to blow out about castration cat. If celebrating needs in the wrong place – you can try to change the litter in the litter tray, etc..

Simply put, weducate cat from bad habits need method “here, but not here” (the place where it is impossible – to treat with odor that is not pleasant to the cat). Method “can not be everywhere” doesn’t work, because if it is not designated, the cat their needs will produce where he pleases.