What will happen if you crush a frog?

Techno 14 February, 2018

2018-02-14 11:54

What will happen if you crush a frog?
The frog is always combined with feelings of fear, disgust, indifference and even admiration. The people the toad is quite popular, so there are many tales, legends, omens, superstitions connected with this animal.

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The frog is always combined with feelings of fear, disgust, indifference and even admiration.

The people the toad is quite popular, so there are many tales, legends, omens, superstitions connected with this animal.

Who said that frogs are nasty creatures? Look at how arrogantly raises his head moor frog, barely noticing the approach of a stranger. And her eyes? It seems that she looks right through you because he knows what you think. Perhaps that is why since ancient times people have attached to these amphibians of particular importance. The ancestors of many peoples believed that to kill frogs and toads cannot. What they argued their claims?

Many of the tribes living on the territory of our country, there was a belief that if you kill one of these reptiles that is sure to be a thunderstorm or torrential rain, which will destroy the harvest. In the same, and were convinced of the ancestors of the Vietnamese. Another common and more attractive version that toads and frogs is a converted people.

No wonder the tales of our ancestors and great-grandfathers of other Nations there are many examples of lyagushka and abbreviati. After all, they believed that all of us will become these animals, and they – us. So killing them is like to disturb the souls of their dead ancestors. It was considered a great sin and a very bad omen.

Such a belief has become particularly popular in some of the Slavic tribes after the baptism of Rus. And they are all connected with the biblical legends. Christians were sure that the people who drowned during the flood, was turned by God into these animals. And the time will come when they will again be returned to their original appearance, and all people will become toads or frogs – as anyone lucky.

Another legend tells of a transformation into frogs, Pharaoh’s army, which persecuted the Jews during their Exodus from Egypt. If they are to beg God’s forgiveness, they will again take up the old? Novgorod was sure that the first frog is a human child, cursed by his own mother. In any case, to kill these creatures of God, already punished by God, was considered a great sin.

The person who committed such an offense, foretold that after death he will be cursed and doomed to food only frog soup.

People have always known about the benefits of frogs and toads, and about their helplessness. Their uniqueness is in the fact that it is a remarkably caring being. Only they wear on their back counterparts, which damaged the foot. Different ways people tried to protect them from potential abusers. Apparently, such measures of prediction worked flawlessly, since they have long remained in our memory.

If you crush a frog it will rain

There is a superstition that if you kill a frog, it will rain. But that’s just a superstition. General Toad like other inhabitants of the ecosystem contributes to its existence. The simplest example – it eats mosquitoes.

But to kill her or not depends on the person.

The toad was in the house, a sign of different national signs, if the toad had been in the house, this means both good and bad events for the residents. Importance the area, as each region differently interpreted. It is believed that seeing a frog in the house need to expect something bad: unpleasant guests, trouble, death.

Most will associated with these amphibians are interpreted positively. It is illegal to kill a frog, to expel her from the house, let it pop itself. But if the animal has died in your house – the prevention of harm. If you kill a frog on purpose, carries trouble into the family.

They say that the energy of dead frogs are very difficult to remove. Even accidentally killed a turtle, to accept, to attract financial problems. You can’t kill the frog and outside the house.

In ancient times, according to legends, it could lead to such consequences: lingering showers, which led to loss of crops, diseases of; the girl could lose the beauty, at will, the frog took a girl’s beauty; drought and crop failure.

In some versions, the frog has a connection with otherworldly powers and is able to repay his death. What happens if you see a frog the Nice thing is that the positive will take about frogs much more than the negative, if not to do her any harm.

So, in Slovakia, this animal has the image of a house, or home guard. There is therefore nothing wrong if the frog lives near the house. Most importantly, do not try to get rid of it. As it will appeal to the house of happiness, well-being.

Seeing a frog in the kitchen – a sign of the arrival of the good mistress in the house.

The following visits:

  • the arrival of the wife;
  • visit the house of mother;
  • the arrival of the sisters;
  • hired a cleaning lady to clean the house.

If the toad was found the bedroom to wait for the wedding of the one who sleeps in it.

The frog that is sitting on the bed, where sleeps a single man, so for him a rich bride. The arrival of frogs in the home of a young family, predicts the newlyweds a prosperous married life, material well-being.

Very well, if the couple walking down the street, happened to see a frog, it promises mutual love, happiness.

In a place where often there are quarrels, scandals, the emergence of amphibious means the restoration of normal relations between people.

Due to this ability of the frogs to take on the negative energy. Thanks to this, cleared the room.

To see the first frog in the grass, portends a high yield. In ancient times, it was a big success. But, to see the first frog in the water – a warning of disaster: flood the neighbors, flooding from heavy rain or even drowned. Too bad if the first to see a frog lying belly up. It is a harbinger of the deceased.

Other sign

Can frogs predict the weather, to heal people.

Can’t beat the frog, is a sin.

According to some beliefs, frogs represent the souls of people who died during the flood. Before the flood, mankind was very perverse: unwillingness to work, adultery, theft. This is described in the Bible. These people are already punished by higher powers and we have no right to judge them now.

The frog is able to cure the disease. According to superstition, if a sick person and begin to swallow frogs, it can quickly recover even from serious illnesses. Proved this phenomenon, scientists, arguing that frogs have such biological qualities that takes care of all the disease. But who can swallow a live frog?

The Slavs have the opinion that the frog is the soul of a small child, and in the spring of her, the sound reminiscent of a baby crying. The frog croaks before the first storm. This sign speaks of the observation of the Slavs.

People who know how to listen, to love nature noted that never zakvakali frog until the first clap of thunder. Frogs jump on land, portend rain. Everyone knows that frogs water is life. But this amphibian animal, so the frog can live both in water and on land. And if you are expecting prolonged rain, it’s in your jump on the earth.

First time hearing the croaking of frogs, you need grass to do a few somersaults.

Pokuvyrkatsya on the grass with the first Kvacany means good health for the whole year. For this we need to wait for the first storm and do not miss the croaking of the first spring.

Who will touch a toad – warts. This sign is scientific arguments. The frog is able to allocate a special substance that causes the formation of warts. She does this as a way of protection.