When a woman gives too much, she gets a little

Techno 11 December, 2017

2017-02-27 20:14

When a woman gives too much, she gets a little
When a person has a toothache, it’s hard to be nice and soft, the same goes for bouts of resentment from the woman.

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Even though she still loves her partner, and treats him with tenderness, resentment prevent her sincerely appreciate it. Instead of rejoicing in the care of the husband, the wife tends to focus on how much she does and how little he, reports Rus.Media.

When a woman has an attack of resentment, she can’t bring herself to feel love. She can behave how to behave as loving, but her heart remains closed. When a woman’s heart is closed, she begins to lead the scoring, and man always remains in loss. If it is for his good works, he gets sixty points, and he for his twenty, a woman subtracts twenty out of sixty, and obtained a new account: forty —zero. In such moments it seems as if he is nothing to her does. This is a symptom of an attack of resentment.

Over the years, the bouts of resentment may develop into chronic resentment. At this stage, the woman mistakenly thinks she didn’t marry that man, and considering divorce. There is no doubt that this woman is not getting from the marriage what she wants, but that doesn’t mean she can’t obtain the necessary. And other people also will not necessarily give her what she needed.

What do you get from relationships depends not so much on the partner, but from your attitude toward it.

Women who are thinking about divorce, often complain: “I give, give, give and not getting what I need”. To solve this problem, you should understand that such an attack insults. Then, instead of leave her husband and to repeat the same scheme with another person, a woman can learn to give different. Now the woman is no longer all the time to give, in the hope that her partner will retaliate, and learning to give yourself.


When a woman gives too much, she gets little.

Knowing all the above, a woman can finally allow yourself not to sacrifice for their partner, but to do what she likes. Instead of waiting that the partner will make her happy, and think themselves obliged to meet all his needs, she starts to give yourself the necessary.

Give the partner everything that you have, and then expect he will fully satisfy your needs — an unhealthy trend. The best option is to do what you want, and try to get the necessary emotional support and then you’ll be able to genuinely give love to your spouse and children, without expecting anything in return. Such relationships bring a lot more fun.