Where did the daily intake of water – the notorious 2 liters per day?

Techno 24 December, 2017

2017-12-24 18:23

Where did the daily intake of water – the notorious 2 liters per day?
Facts you need to know about water

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Where did the daily intake of water – the notorious 2 litres a day?.. Yes, because at night the human body loses up to 2 liters of water through sweat, urine and exhaled air.

Maybe you will discover that we breathe and even water, but remember your breath in the cold. Really? But if you talk a lot during the day, you need to drink more water than 2l. Well, who doesn’t love to talk?..

And indeed our body is 50-70% water (women less, men more).

Our blood and our eternal toiler – the brain consists of 80% water. Our brain never rests, even at night, and he constantly needs water. You don’t want from lack of vital for the brain water in old age to have memory loss or Alzheimer’s? Even our bones consist of water of 25% Represent?..

And when the body is suffering from dehydration and hyperacidity, he is forced to muscles, connective tissue and even bones to take water in order to provide the most important organs: lungs, liver, kidneys, heart and, of course, the brain.

Did you know that water is not absorbed in the stomach, and immediately passes into the intestine?.. Because if you convince yourself that you are drinking a lot of tea, coffee and other beverages, you need to understand that this food and it is absorbed in the stomach. It is water that dissolves and removes waste from our intestines, emphasizes Irina Christianovich, consultant on nutrition, a nutritionist with health education, and nutritionist.

So: water is the lubricant for joints (you don’t want to “squeak”?), water prevents clogging of the vessels (we do not need the blood clots?), water is a full-fledged work of the brain, etc.