Which of these bananas would you buy? and that’s what we need!

Techno 9 December, 2017

2017-02-09 21:44

Which of these bananas would you buy? and that’s what we need!
All your life you have chosen them incorrectly!

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Bananas – one of the most underrated fruits. At exotic they are inferior to other fruits, like mango.

But the fact is, bananas are delicious, nutritious, and lots of vitamins and other nutrients. These substances we need daily. For example, they have a lot of fiber, sucrose, fructose.

Many of us, buying a bunch of bananas, do not eat it all at once. Often they are kept at home for a few days or a week.

Bananas have a greenish-yellow color, and ripen gradually. Choose these as numbered from 5 to 7.

In the end they begin to appear dark spots and then turn brown. But, unlike other fruits, it does not mean that the banana is spoiled.

On the contrary, the darker the banana, the more it specific extracellular protein TNF.
Stands for this – tumor necrosis factor. What is it? This anti-cancer substance that helps to fight abnormal cells in the body.
Studies confirm that ripe bananas contain FTS, which inhibits the growth of tumor cells and prevents their proliferation.

Together with the high levels of antioxidants, which in bananas is also very much, TNF enhances the immune system.

Japanese researchers have found that the more a banana ripens, the more it contains of fiber, vitamin C, b vitamins, potassium and antioxidants.

But these benefits of bananas blackened not all of the benefits of these fruits.

What else are they useful? And that’s what:

1) Bananas have anti-acid properties. It helps get rid of heartburn and acid reflux. Only one eaten banana can bring immediate relief.

2) Bananas help to lower blood pressure. Because they’re high in potassium but low in sodium, they are an excellent preventive measure against stroke or heart attack. Bananas are a healthy food for the heart.

3) They give extra energy. If before training you will eat 1-2 bananas, it will give you extra energy for a one-hour intense workout. Low glycemic index carbohydrates in bananas, vitamins and minerals increase the endurance of your body and potassium prevents muscle cramps.

4) Bananas are useful in anemia. They contain the necessary amount of dietary iron that stimulates the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, and therefore increases the blood flow.

5) Bananas can be used without restrictions, even if you suffer from stomach ulcer. Their soft and mushy texture that coats the stomach and protects it from corrosive acids.

6) Bananas help to overcome depression. And all because they contain high levels of tryptophan, which our body converts into serotonin (the “happiness hormone”). Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain. It helps a person to relax, to feel happy, and simply improves mood.

7) Bananas improve digestion. And even have a laxative effect. All because they are quite a lot of fiber, which promotes regular bowel movements and provides relief for constipation.

8) Bananas are useful in nervous disorders and PMS. They help regulate blood sugar levels. Still they have a lot of b vitamins which calm the nervous system and help to relax.

9) Assist the thermoregulation of the body. If you eat a banana on a hot day, it will help to reduce the body temperature. The same can be done, for example, in the cold.

But not only overripe bananas useful.
Unripe fruits are also needed. In particular, little sugar, so they can have people with stage of diabetes. In addition, they contain probiotic bacteria.

Also, due to the high content of starch, unripe bananas faster trigger a feeling of satiety.

In General, bananas are helpful. And most importantly, do not worry perespevshey bananas. They are much healthier and tastier than you think.