Who can not eat ginger!

Techno 18 December, 2017

2017-12-18 18:58

Who can not eat ginger!
In recent years ginger has become a very popular product

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In recent years ginger has become a very popular product, reports Rus.Media. All its useful properties it is difficult to list. However, the most common cause of the use of ginger — it reduces appetite, accelerates metabolism and helps lose weight. And yet there are certain groups of people, which should remove this product from your diet.

In winter, the ginger is in great demand because it helps the immune system to fight cold infections.

A daily use of ginger as spice in your diet, and drink ginger tea. But doctors warn that not all people are equally useful this product.

Experts told the who not to use ginger.


Ginger contains many strong stimulants, which can cause premature contractions in pregnant women. It is especially dangerous to use the root in the last trimester.

People with disorders of the blood

Ginger can worsen the condition of the blood in humans, hemophilia is a chronic bleeding, which appears on the basis of reduced blood clotting. The reason is that ginger accelerates blood circulation.

People who are trying to gain weight

Ginger reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism. Thus, people who want to get better, should avoid consuming ginger as well as any additives, in which it is part.

People who use drugs to regulate blood pressure or diabetes will ask You may interfere with the ginger this group of people? All the same, it accelerates the metabolism, so some medications may not be able to perform its function. Especially risky to combine ginger with anticoagulants, beta-blockers and preparations based on insulin.