Who of the signs of the Zodiac the neat and who is a terrible slob

Techno 19 December, 2017

2017-10-26 23:07

Who of the signs of the Zodiac the neat and who is a terrible slob
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Your cleanliness is bordered germophobe. Germs tremble with fear when you enter the room. You can carry out a surgical operation on his half as it is clean. The rest of the people compared to you seem to be pigs.


Seeing the mess, you have a headache. Do you think the untidiness of mental illness. Are you interested in space exploration, because I hope that one day we will be able to send all the garbage of the earth, dirt and even dust on another planet. You wash clothes twice because I think that even your washing machine not doing its job.


Air freshener, bleach, stain remover, washing powder, cleaners of different surfaces are your best friends. You – the person who carries deodorant in her bag. If you didn’t take more than 18 hours, and become extremely Moody. You allow yourself to litter once or twice a year; at other seasons you feel guilty for it.


The dirt sticks to your body like a fly on duct tape and you clean it as soon as you can. Your personal hygiene is impeccable.


For you purity is mainly connected with the appearance. You are very careful. Your house looks spotless, but the beds there is a lot of dirt. In addition, you have a very “dirty” thoughts, and do not pretend it is not.


Are you an advocate of order, so the mess bothers you more than dirt. Things should know their place. You hate anything that interferes with your Feng Shui.


You – Gemini, so with one hand is sloppy and the other neat. All depends on the situation. Your personal hygiene is impeccable, but your cleaning skills leave much to be desired. All of the rooms where you live, the bathroom is likely to look worse.


You, likely, the most intelligent, beautiful and zabavni in the company, but it’s been two weeks since you took out the trash and some days, you brush your teeth. Think again, while you do not run off another man!


You have a pure mind, but a dirty house. You pay for communal faster than wash the dishes. You regularly go to the dentist, but it would be nice if you periodically using dental floss. From time to time you pay someone for cleaning your home, the problem is that you can’t pay somebody for taking a shower. Raise your personal hygiene to another level.


You are very sweet and kind person, but you’re an outright slob. You start cleaning earlier than coming up with a million excuses why you should delay it. Please, wash before you go to sleep, your bed will remain clean longer.


Are you too busy admiring his reflection to notice how much dust and dirt on that mirror. Or a big crack on the mirror. Or a giant coffee stain on the wall behind the mirror. You can’t even see the spots of toothpaste on his favorite t-shirt. Start small – go to the ophthalmologist.


You feel bad when around cleanliness and order, and your friends badly when they come into your apartment. In it, they can find fossils of a different era, in a pile of dirty Laundry or bottles of beer.