Who of the Zodiac signs most prone to murder. Statistics FBI

Techno 13 February, 2018

2018-02-13 22:27

Who of the Zodiac signs most prone to murder. Statistics FBI
You can believe in horoscopes or not. But recently presented the statistics of the FBI, which shows the relationship between the signs of the Zodiac with a penchant for murder.

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The results are quite unexpected!

12. Twins

Although Gemini and unstable, but do not intend to kill. Maybe they just lazy?

11. Aquariuses

High sense of justice does not give Aquarius man to commit murder, reports Rus.Media.

10. Leos

But Lions can kill if he wants attention. Perhaps they should look for another way.

9. Scale

Peaceful, quiet. But many may lose patience even at the Weights.

8. Virgins

Kill the virgin is not love, but to steal something is please.

7. Pisces

Not so they are mushy, the Fish.

6. Capricorn

Appreciate law and order, but that Capricorn was the man who made the most kills.

5. RAM

Because Rams is easier website.

4. Taurus

Taureans like sheep, but killing prefer money scams.

3. Sagittarius

If anything, Pablo Escobar and Stalin was a Sagittarius. So, by the way.

2. Scorpius

Often caught in a psychiatric clinic, and even Scorpions “famous” for his sadism.

1. Cancer

It is not strange, but the most common killer Cancers exactly. And go on the offense they are in a fit of jealousy and envy. So be careful with them.