Why can’t we sleep feet to the door?

Techno 16 December, 2017

2017-12-16 19:43

Why can’t we sleep feet to the door?
This signs someone believes someone skips past the ears, and someone is trying to learn the truth.

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What have you heard about “prejudice”? This is when some of the usual it turns out you can’t do that. Why? This signs someone believes someone skips past the ears, and someone is trying to learn the truth.

1. Insomnia.

For susceptible people, learn what to sleep feet to the door is impossible, practically guarantees a night of wakefulness. Here there are two choices, or rearrange the bed, or drink a sleeping pill.

2. Otherworldly realms.

Our ancestors believed that to sleep with my feet out, is getting yourself into trouble. Namely, in that position novoprystan leave the house, then the person who takes yourself a resting position, brings himself closer to death. Stremnenkie, right?

3. Not on Feng Shui.

According to this trend, people in the “feet to the door” does not receive the necessary night’s rest. The harmony is disturbed and a positive charge. Sad to Wake up not rested, maybe this is the cause of your chronic lack of sleep? How do you sleep?

4. Imagination.

When a person falls asleep, especially children, in a dark doorway, the imagination paints pictures, which is not always flattering. We subconsciously imagine how to open the door as it creaked presents us with something… Scary?

5. The Scandinavian myths.

Read At your leisure about the fact that in the mythology of Ancient Scandinavia, has his own ideas of world order. According to their theory, we live in Midgard, the human world, which He protected from, the world of terrible monsters, Windows and doors.

During sleep the human soul separates from the body and if you sleep feet to the door, then it will certainly go. Back from the dead already practically does not Shine. I believe the Scandinavians? Sleeping with bread under his arm! If you start night journey, as in a fairy tale, leave crumbs to find your way back.

As if this was not your bed, we wish you good sleep and great dreams! In the morning, make a decision, you should rearrange the furniture in the bedroom! And now do not Wake the neighbors dragging their Lodge.