Why does the skirt need to put on and take off over the head

Techno 29 January, 2018

2018-01-29 19:34

Why does the skirt need to put on and take off over the head
How to wear a skirt? You should wear the skirt through the head or through the legs?

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Skirt — an indispensable garment in the female wardrobe! At any time of the year and under different mood long skirts make us feel real beauties — cute and fragile! It’s great that we again would love to be the Women, leaving men the right to be strong and courageous, brave and bold!, reports Rus.Media.

But how to wear a skirt? You should wear the skirt through the head or through the legs?

Mothers and grandmothers have always said that wearing a skirt just over her head, and then was some kind of omen in the style of: “and then the marriage will not work”. In my childhood it evoked laughter, as a youth, “and to me there and not need it”, now I want to laugh again because she is married, or because it is not serious, in the modern world, living in a large metropolis to believe in omens. In any case, you can believe or not signs provides values and to wear a skirt just as comfortable, but if you pay attention to life, to themselves, to their health should look for answers in different cultures

For example, if we turn to the Vedic culture, we can learn a lot of interesting and useful. From the Vedas it is believed that the woman takes its energy from the Earth is the energy of matter, including Express and all the material things. Earth represents abundance, her power in the fruit that she gave helps woman to grow roots and gain strength for motherhood. For women, it is important that the energy was down, because the downward energy flux associated with the reproductive function and female hormones are produced in the lower part of the body.

Through the hem of a long skirt woman gets needed energy. Reaching almost to the ground, the skirt forms a cone, it helps to hold and maintain the necessary nutritive power for women. A wide hem, calissia and twisting while walking, forming a torsion field, promote access and strengthening energy of the element Earth.

From this we can conclude that if you remove the skirt through the legs, then adjusted the flow of energy dissipated along with a completely awkward movement to a except that only the excellent sweeping the floor. Removing the skirt through the legs we leave ourselves without the energy field, totally unprotected, deprive ourselves of the magic power that gives us a long skirt.

And if you lift the skirt right through the head, energy goes through whole body and will give Good.

If you wear a skirt right through the head, in pure energy terms, it is re-tuned to sound in unison with Nature, the earth and the Woman who wears it. And wearing a skirt through the legs, we catch the negative energy of the street, which went on, the energy debris that settled on our feet (why, incidentally, my grandmother is still advised to be sure to wash your feet as soon as you come from the street, no matter what the weather outside and what you were wearing shoes).

Cute girls often wear long skirts! With pleasure! With benefits not only for your appearance but for your health! Correctly put on and take off your skirt, treat it carefully, and then you will experience the power of the Earth and feel a part of the beautiful Nature and its wonderful creation!