Why good hostesses also add vinegar in the wash

Techno 22 January, 2018

2018-01-22 13:23

Why good hostesses also add vinegar in the wash
Use this cheap tool for almost everything: from duvet covers and towels underwear.

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Add 9% vinegar to the list of necessary means for washing next to the washing powder and bleach, reports Rus.Media. To use this cheap and versatile way for almost everything: from duvet covers and towels and finishing underwear and clothing for newborns.

Vinegar freshens the paint

To improve the quality of the wash, add detergent into the washing machine with 1/2 Cup of vinegar. Washing powder will be more efficient and better off, and the vinegar will protect the fabric from fading and to dissolve soap residue that has formed on the fabric through frequent washing and incorrect dosing of washing powder.

It can be used instead of fabric softener

If you add 1/2 Cup of vinegar in the compartment for conditioner during the rinse, it will act not worse than the conditioning, softening the tissue. Especially good to use vinegar for towels.

It removes the static charge

If the clothes are constantly sticking to me, to help 1/2 Cup of vinegar in the wash.

Depending on what result you want to achieve: to remove the static electricity, soften fabrics or to clean itself, the washing machine, vinegar can be added to any compartment of the washing machine and be used in combination with the powder.

Soap plaque

Acetic acid destroys soap plaque that forms on the clothes after a few washes. And the presence of plaque on the towels, the sheets and duvet covers can irritate sensitive skin (especially children’s) skin and cause allergic reactions. To get rid of plaque, just add to the wash Cup of vinegar.

Vinegar helps to remove pet hair from fabrics

Thanks to vinegar things not only cease to electrify and stick, it also helps to get rid of adhering to the clothes of wool. Pour 1/2 Cup in the wash during the rinse and this will help to effectively wash clothes caked wool.

It acts as a bleach

In order to maintain the whiteness and get rid of yellow stains on white fabric, you can also use vinegar. Yellow spots will help 1/2 Cup of vinegar added to the water during rinsing.

Removes stains

Don’t worry if spilled on your favorite blouse coffee. Keep your bottle of spray with vinegar. They can handle stains from coffee, wine, chocolate or jam. Apply vinegar on the stain and leave for 10 minutes. You can then wash the thing normally, without fear that the spots will remain some traces. Vinegar is safe for fabrics made of cotton and polyester.

If you accidentally soiled clothes deodorant, pour vinegar on a rag and wipe the stain.

Vinegar neutralizes odors well

The vinegar helps neutralize the smell of tobacco or mold. Add 1 Cup of vinegar during the rinse, and the smell will not remain and a trace.

Vinegar can wash curtains or cushions, if someone had been Smoking in the room.

Protects things from staining

It is known that the clothes of bright fabrics often sheds a lot. Accidentally put a red towel with the rest of the Laundry? Expect your socks and t-shirts will be pink after washing. If you are afraid that some thing will shed and will stain other fabrics, soak it in vinegar for 15-20 minutes before washing.

Suitable for washing delicate items

Use vinegar for washing delicate swimwear or underwear. Add 1/4 Cup warm water and let items soak for 15-30 minutes. Rinse well and dry.

Caring for a washing machine

That the wall and the machine details are not settled soap and limescale deposits, use vinegar. The car will be fine if once a month add a Cup of vinegar in a container to supply powder and to start a standard wash program without Laundry.