Why in aquariums no great white shark?

Techno 14 March, 2018

2018-03-14 10:26

Why in aquariums no great white shark?
Are you afraid of sharks? And white sharks? Why we can’t just go and see at the aquarium great white shark?

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“Have you ever wondered why, even in the most spectacular aquariums around the world there is not a single great white shark? ask the authors YouTube channel. — It is not in size and not that the specialists of aquariums just forgot about it huge establishment, even a killer whale large aquariums manage to put on public display. Moreover, in large glass containers in almost every corner of the world can see the full diversity of these toothy creatures: the hammerhead shark or the Zebra and even tiger shark. So why in aquariums no white sharks? Just about this we will cover in today’s video. Intrigued?