Why wife cannot cut her husband

Techno 8 February, 2018

2018-02-08 11:59

Why wife cannot cut her husband
The origin of this belief and why it still exists and we will discuss in this article.

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According to folk belief the wife should not cut hair man, reports Rus.Media. The origin of this belief and why it still exists and we will discuss in this article.

It is believed that men’s grooming is significantly less complex than women’s. Men can just shave under the machine, and many wives this procedure familiar. They say that if you cut a man, the couple notice that the family change is coming, who do not make a happy family cloudless, as it was before. Men no longer pay attention to the wives and forget seemingly important things.

Some professional stylists – wives want their men to change from time to time its image, and therefore cut them yourself, but not forget that the wife should not cut their men. Here other people-please, and your not.

To answer the question, why not the wife cut her husband, to help bioenergy. Hair possess a certain energy of a particular person. If this energy takes (cuts) a close person, the bio-energy field come into conflict, which degenerated into a quarrel. But I think we, and our ancestors thought much primitive and thought that it was just bad luck.

The people believed that the life force of a person lies in the hair and if it cuts off wife, he can lose it. Thus, if a man cuts the hair stylist or just a friend of the woman, it can’t harm the man, since the energy of the person is able to “hide” inside. This happens if the hairdresser is coming closer to fifty centimeters. But if the husband cuts the wife, through the trust of the husband to his wife, he relaxes and he can say goodbye to the accumulated biological energy, spiritual experience and intuition.

Signs say that if you cut husband, in the home, frequent quarrels and scandals. The beginning of the quarrel could be the hair, or what seemed coldness, of his wife during haircuts. People can do a hard remark about the fact that the Barber is cutting your hair faster and more thoroughly. Wives resent it here, maybe erupted in earnest a scandal with the words “well, go to your hairdresser!»

If you believe the signs that a wife who cuts her husband, depriving him of several years of life and the more she does it, the faster it will become “the inconsolable widow”. But how to explain the phenomenon with the inhabitants of the mountains, where the wife’s whole life man shave their heads, and they live up to 100 years? But if the woman is ready to believe in omens, then send their men to the beauty salon, where it will be cut cute girl hair stylists. And already decide what is safer.

And, of course, be sure to check with the lunar calendar of the haircut, after all, chosen the right day to create this hairstyle is the key to not only healthy hair, but also the family peace and well-being and even financial well-being.