Women keep the DNA of all men with whom they slept together – New shocking research

Techno 17 December, 2017

2017-12-17 21:54

Women keep the DNA of all men with whom they slept together – New shocking research
According to a new study women keep and carry living DNA of every man, with whom they have entered into a sexual relationship.

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A new shocking study, reports Rus.Media.

According to new research by Seattle University and the Center for the study of cancer them. Fred Hutchinson, women keep and carry living DNA of every man, with whom they have entered into a sexual relationship, the media writes

These unexpected results were obtained by chance: initially, the researchers wanted to find out whether it occurs in women pregnant with a son, a greater predisposition to neurological diseases that are more common in men.

But as the study of the female brain research has dramatically changed course. It turned out that a woman’s brain is a bigger mystery than we thought.

Scientists have discovered that women’s brains often contains “male microchimerism” — the presence of male DNA that comes from another person and is genetically different from the cells of the female body.

The study explicitly States:

“63% of women surveyed (37-59 years) were in the brain of male microchimerism. Male microchimerism was present in several parts of the brain”.

So, 63% of women are in the brain cells with male DNA. Naturally, scientists became curious as to how they got there.

The DNA of the father unites with the mother’s DNA, creating the unique DNA of the child. So where?

First, the researchers decided that most likely male DNA in women’s brains is the result of pregnancy boy. It was safe, politically correct assumption. But it was wrong.

Because when they dissected the brains of women who never were pregnant, they still proved to be a male DNA cells.

Scientists could not understand what was happening. They hid these results, is unable to understand and explain them.

They hid them in a pile and articles, but if you dig them, you can find a single paragraph that sheds light on the origin of the mysterious DNA.

What are they so afraid of?


Male microchimerism was often found in women without sons. In addition to the installed pregnancies, other sources of male microchimerism include unspecified spontaneous abortion, vanished male twin, an older brother transferred via circulation of the mother, and sexual intercourse.

Male microchimerism was significantly more often and to a greater extent in women who had an abortion than women with other history of pregnancy. More research is needed to determine the exact origins of male microchimerism in women.”

So, according to scientists, there are 4 possible source of the male DNA in women’s brains:

abortion, which the woman did not know;

the missing boy-twin;

the elder brother, pass through the circulation of the mother;

sexual intercourse.

Given that 63% of women in the minds of the detected cells with male DNA, what do you think is the most likely option?

The first three options relate to very small percentage of women. They can not explain increased 63%.

But the fourth option — it is not uncommon.

Most often about sex.

It is very important for women. Each person whose sperm you learn becomes a part of your life.

Women whose brains were dissected for the study, were elderly. Some bore a living male DNA for over 50 years.

The sperm consists of living cells. When it gets in you, the sperm swim and swim until you hit the wall, then cling and burrow into the flesh.

If they are in your mouth, swim and make their way into the nasal passages, the inner ear and eyes. There they penetrate deeper. They get into the blood and collected in the brain and spinal cord.

As in a fiction film, they become part of your life, and you can’t get rid of them.

Now you understand the meaning and significance of sexual intercourse?