Xbox One: The “snap” mode will be dropped

Techno 25 January, 2017

For reasons of performance and improvement of the Xbox One interface, Microsoft decided to draw a line on another well-known functionality of its console: the snap mode (or “anchoring” in good French), which allowed Including watching TV while playing.

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As we announced to you recently (see link above), the interface of the Xbox One will be significantly reworked during the next update, which is already already making its way towards The console of the Preview program members.

Among the great innovations, the improvement of the “Guide”, which will now appear with a simple press of the central button, without bringing you back to the Home menu as it had been until then.

But the bad news (at least for those who used it) is that another well known feature of the console is about to take its reverence in passing: the “anchor” / “snap” mode, which Allowed to divide its screen into two parts to play while watching TV, or even to make a Skype call while browsing in an application.

This is in any case what the boss of the “platform” Xbox, Mike Ybarra, said on Twitter:

We’ve replaced “Snap” to improve multitasking, reduce memory usage, improve overall speed, and free up resources in the future for more important things

It is true that since a few updates, the Xbox One interface suffered from some rather annoying slowness, and that multitasking is always resource intensive.

It remains to be seen now what these “more important things” are mentioned by Ybarra …

And did you use this anchor function? Will she miss you? You can discuss it in the comments …