You know why women remain without sex?

Techno 15 February, 2018

2018-02-15 16:55

You know why women remain without sex?
Women want alpha males, men-leaders of men-hunters, creators, but always castrate them…

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Many of the jokes of contemporary humorists associated with situations in which there is a grumpy wife and the husband-henpecked,.

If you treat the joke as a way to legally speak on the forbidden topic, we have a social conspiracy. All laugh and realize, actually, what it was about, but openly can’t say.

But the harsh reality is that women began to destroy courage.

Instead of to dictate men their ideals and images, maybe it’s time to give them a call?

If you examine the data dependencies and divorces in our country, we draw the following average family portrait: irresponsible alcoholic husband and a mentally strong wife.

When there was this terrible change and stronger half was not even weak, and helpless, if you wish neutered?

We see women and wives dictate to men how to be men how to be men, how to be a parent.

Within families, we observed that boys are brought up in kindergartens, schools, universities are women.

Anyway, now women’s pretty safe to talk about what men should be, and they define the rules of conduct.

I will remind that more recently the situation looked somewhat different.

The ratio of women to men’s nature and typically masculine traits as negative.

Men are inherently more aggressive, they need to realize their research skills, thirst for adventure, and their sexual behavior open the active.

From an early age mothers in hlopchik scary, and education is that instead of trying to raise the boy with her opposite nature, they grow just a convenient child, not contributing to the formation of his psychological gender.

Aggressiveness and activity is suppressed and condemned. There must be a father who will guide and assist, will be an example, and it then and there. He also hammered and depressed. Yet it turns out to be a nasty vicious circle.

But what happens next? More and more men are questioning their masculinity, while women meanwhile, more and more indignant and angry. And now we hear that men are scum and they only have one that they are weak and inept.

Women want alpha males, men-leaders of men-hunters, creators, but always castrate them psychologically through their statements and behavior.

And each time, the hysteria increases, scandals erupted around sexual harassment, feminists continue to assert themselves…

In the midst of all the talk of “bad” men and “victims”, but a strong and independent woman.

And I think that is already struggling with. Country, but by and large — the entire planet, plunged into the atmosphere collova, the stronger sex want to tame, castrate, to conquer. Not regret after?

Many women already do, reaping the fruits in bed. After all, sex is the continuation of the relationship. Everything that happens between partners in words, continues on a wordless level.

Here I would like to give an example, when men at forty it seems that their interest in the opposite sex and sex in General dried up and libido is no more. And then suddenly, it is not so.

It’s simple — libido person not dried, physiologically, if you stick to a healthy lifestyle, a person is able to satisfy a woman to a ripe old age. The only thing is — psychological reasons.

Normal people after a quarrel with the woman feels depressed, because he worries, he begins to feel guilt and self-doubt, or mad at his woman and tries once these feelings to digest. If the conflict is solved, then the pair reverts to receive mutual pleasure.

Now if you submit to her husband, who from day to day show his place to complain, compare and devalue, it is easy to understand what it is. Eventually of anxiety, timidity, feelings of inferiority develop into a psychological impotence.

I once told the story of fat, almost toothless man, aged 35, who worked in low-paid work (although it was obviously a light head and a specialist of the highest level). And then, one day, meet new friends, this ugly duckling, and he is a beautiful Swan — a slender, teeth in a row, new job, confident and happy. It turned out, fell in love with his colleague.

All of this to the company together watched as his ex-wife was openly insulted and nagged. Allowed himself, for example, when to teach, how to be a man, scornfully commented on literally any statement in front of the child.

Miraculous transformation has occurred during the year. This time was enough to make people believe in themselves, turned your world upside down.

It’s hard to say what happened to him actually, but the obvious was that the new wife believed in him and respected him. And by the way, she also looked happy and satisfied.

I think it is time to understand at last the simple truth. A woman cannot be a woman without a man. Just the opposite of our nature attracts us to each other and helps to develop.

Without a man cannot obtain sexual satisfaction without a man is impossible to conceive without her husband’s daughter will not be a woman, and the son is not formed like a man.

Instead of to dictate men their ideals and samples, maybe it’s time to give them a call to hear what they say, and see what can you do?

And maybe then everything will fall into place and everyone will be happy.