You want diversity? Classic sex positions new

Techno 3 February, 2018

2018-02-03 10:59

You want diversity? Classic sex positions new
It is a little beyond the traditional boundaries of how you will open absolutely new horizons, experience and capabilities.

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The most popular pose. It is simple, it has many advantages, but tired as hell. We offer three variations.

1. Technique of alignment of sexual intercourse (CAT, The Coital Alignment Technique) is created especially for women who find it difficult to reach orgasm. Thanks to the active stimulation of the clitoris, this position is 50% more effective than any other. Lay back and buttocks tucked under the pillow to lift hips. Let your partner placed on you so that the base of the penis did he touch your clitoris. And instead of reciprocating, you need to do rotational movements of the pelvis. While hips pressed to each other.
2. Bend your knees and press them to his chest. Let your partner kneel beside you and during sex, holding your knees together. Your vagina will be narrow and will be hard to compress his penis. In addition, in this position it is impossible to move quickly, and so the sex will be continuous as ever.
3. Put your feet on his shoulders (Yes, this will require from you a degree of flexibility, so better prepare). This position is for those who like really deep penetration, or for men who have small penis.

We love this position because it frees us of the primitive, animal instincts. Let’s try to improve a little.

1. Standing on all fours, get down on your elbows, or even hold out your hands and lean only on his chest. This option will significantly increase the depth of penetration.
2. The following position will require some agility and strength of your partner. Put your hands on the edge of the bed, and let the man raise your legs to your level. Wrap your legs around his hips. If hard hands, let your partner down in front of the bed on his knees, and you lie on the bed with his chest. But remember, the higher your hips the more fun.
3. Let your partner sit on a chair with back support or (much easier) in the chair. Turn back to him and down on his thigh. This position will give you maximum freedom to move up and down, forward and backward, in a circle.

HorsewomanIn this position the good thing is that you control the rhythm and depth of penetration. Let’s see if we can make good even better.


1. Turn around to your partner back and lean forward a bit. First, it will allow him to enjoy an unforgettable view. Secondly, it will make the pressure in your vagina really intense that will greatly enhance your experience.
2. Pour some on his chest and stomach many massage oils and penis and vagina brush lubrcant. Then lie on top of him and stretch your legs. Slowly slide his body back and forth.
3. Let your partner bend your knees and rested your feet in the bed. This will force you to lean forward and RUB Clit on his pubis. If that’s not enough, put one foot near the outer side of the thigh, the second pull between his legs.