Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links: What are the best beginner cards?

Techno 1 February, 2017

What are the best cards to get and to integrate to his deck if you are a beginner of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links? We made a quick inventory.
Yu Gi Oh ! Duel Links is the new mobile sensation since its arrival on January 19th in France. Adapting PDA of the famous card game that was able to score many players over the years 90/2000 is back, and this way blaring, since the application is currently the most downloaded on Android ! We can also understand why, as Konami has managed to provide interesting content, complete and far from the usual Pay-To-Win games for mobile. The game gives regularly gems players, gems for later to open the packs to improve its decks . It is therefore quite easy to get many cards for any beginner, without spending a penny. We already could reveal what the best decks to start in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links , now let us turn to the cards: what are the best cards to get when you are a beginner?
Let’s start with a card that does not look, but that is extremely powerful in this game: the Beetle of the Damned to 4 stars . This card, with 800 attack and 1200 defense is not strong by its statistics, but by its flip effect: when returning (or when an opponent’s attack when reverse side), it destroys all level 4 cards face your opponent . This card can completely change the face of a party in your favor. Bubonic Vermin is also an extremely powerful card despite its weak statistics: when the flip effect is activated, it allows to invoke another Bubonic Vermin of your deck face-down . In short, it is an excellent defensive tool, but in addition this card allows never to be surpassed in tempo on the battlefield: you will be able, thanks to this card, to make various invocations sacrifices in a simple way . Let’s not forget that Duel Links is a card game: like any card game, drawing is extremely important. Skelengel will allow you to draw with its flip effect , and that is what makes it important for any beginner player. The magic card Fragment of Greed is rather powerful for the same reasons: it allows you to draw two cards, two laps after activation . If you want to get into a ritual deck, you will also try to have absolutely Bird Supersonic (which allows you to directly make a ritual magic card from your deck) , but beware, the map will be particularly difficult to get … What other cards are to have when you are a beginner you think?