Zelda Breath of the Wild: Zelda, Mifa, Darkel and Reebal will be Link’s!

Techno 3 February, 2017

Aonuma tells us more about the upcoming characters in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and their role in the title. Spoiler, it’s going to send heavy!
We already thought that The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on Switch would be the biggest GotY 2017, but now the recent statement of Aonuma, producer of the game, has just access Breath of the Wild to a level of hype Which becomes unbearable. While it will take a month before you can get your hands on the next installment in the series, new information just reached us and if you want to keep the whole mystery about the characters, we recommend you to read more Of this article * Spoiler *.
It was confirmed to Famitsu serious that Zelda is the princess of the Kingdom of Hyrule in ruins, it will be quite a complex character … As for Mifa is a Zora having a particular power, it will still not very Loquacious because of his shyness. Its opposite is probably Darkel the Goron rather quiet, but becomes totally exuberant on the battlefield. Reebal him out of the Rito tribe who live in the skies of Hyrule. If you have good eyes, you will notice that they all sport a blue scarf, except Zelda who still has an outfit of an identical color … What does that mean?
Well according to Aonuma, “the characters of the latest trailer (Zelda BOTW) are the Link companions that will help him through his journey. The help you will see from these figures is not really as before, it is a bit more mysterious ” . In the end, extrapolation or error of Japanese / English translation of the words of the gentleman, what is taken from this quote is that, like the Amiibo of Link Loup that makes it appear in As a companion, it may very well be the same with the characters mentioned above! It’s true, after all, the trailer shows that in Breath of the Wild, Zelda and Link are still often together … So imagine if some passages, Zelda, Mifa, Darkel Reebal and accompany you even can Fight with you? Between now and March 3, the wait seems long! What do you think of this information about the characters of Zelda Breath of the Wild?