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News 6 December, 2017
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    Wednesday, 6 December 2017 17:10

    Wednesday, 6 December 2017 17:10

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    The maps of the world, we show it in different ways depending on their subject first.

    The book Atlas of our time, published at Éditions de l’homme, has several cards that make us understand the world according to some specific themes.

    Here are 10 of these cards, each with their own particular angle.

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    The densities of human populations

    Editions of the Man

    Fascinating to see how such a small percentage of the world’s population can coexist on such a small territory, and how, conversely, a small percentage can be established on a large territory.


    The impacts of asteroids

    Editions of the Man

    The asteroids falling a little everywhere on Earth, no corner is untouched.


    The pollution of the air

    Editions of the Man

    The concentration of carbon monoxide is very serious in Asia.


    The franchises of fast food american

    Editions of the Man

    It is no surprise that North America wins this palm. However, it is more surprising that Thailand has a concentration of franchises of fast food similar to that of the United Kingdom.


    The flow of energy

    Editions of the Man

    The extent of our dependence on oil is seen in these lines.


    The consumption of drugs

    Editions of the Man

    Well, well, the Americas at large seem to have a little problem…


    The continents of plastic

    Editions of the Man

    The continents of plastic are of great concern, and this card allows you to view adequately.


    The species of ants

    Editions of the Man

    We often forget how the ants live in the soil that we tread each day.


    Submarine cables

    Editions of the Man

    The submarine cables will trace the contours of the continents, connecting them at the same time.


    The ecological footprints

    Editions of the Man

    The difference between the ecological footprints of the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere is clearly visible on this map.


    Atlas of our times Alastair Bonnett, available in all bookstores.


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