10 dreams that in no case should not ignore!

Techno 27 March, 2018

2018-03-27 13:22

10 dreams that in no case should not ignore!
What our dreams mean and how they can be analyzed to understand what message they encrypted?.

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The mysteries of dreams and their meanings have attracted people for centuries. In the late nineteenth century psychiatrist Carl Jung, the famous studies on archetypes and the concept of the collective unconscious, claimed that our dreams can open the way into our subconscious. However, science explains what is happening with the human body during sleep. A group of researchers from the Japanese laboratory of neurobiology, located in Kyoto, with the help of scintigraphy of the brain was able to visualize a person’s dreams and came to the conclusion that people see their dreams the same way as the real world, informs Ukrmedia.

To analyze your dreams, you must first pay attention to how we behave in everyday life. Our dreams are only a reflection of what happens to us in real life or they is a message from above?

What our dreams mean and how they can be analyzed to understand what message they encrypted?

Here are 10 dreams that should not be ignored:

1. Flight

Dreams in which you fly, reflect your desire to achieve your goals. What you are aiming for and what to do? You may have lost vital guide? After you Wake up after a dream in which you fly, you feel a surge of energy. You feel free and you feel that you can achieve anything you want.

2. Waterfall

Dreams in which water is present, reflect your emotional state. Water symbolizes purity, but a dream in which a waterfall is a symbol of new beginnings and getting rid of all the old.

If you had a waterfall, pay attention to the following: whether he was big or small? He was in a dark jungle or on a beautiful beach? How you perceive obstacles in your path?

3. Teeth

Dreams in which you see teeth are fairly common, but not all of them symbolize aging. If you dream you pull out the tooth – so something has to go outside, but rotten teeth are a symbol of fear and anxiety. Dreams in which the person lost their teeth – the most common and they often reflect new events in our lives that cause us stress, for example, a new job, fear of loss, the lack of power in the relationship or the lie that you have to hide it.

If you dream you saw the teeth, ask yourself the following questions: How do you feel? With the help of teeth a person eats. How you live your life?

4. Death

Dreams about death visit people more often than they admit it. Such dreams usually symbolize the end of something. There is death, anger or anxiety, as well as the death of old ideas, which usually follows the birth of a new. Dreams of death reflect the work done on changing your emotions.

If you dream about death, ask yourself these questions: In your dream you witness the death of a loved one or died themselves? Dreams about death can be a message from the deceased loved one, who is trying to cheer you up.

5. Pregnancy

Dreams about pregnancy represent personal growth and development, or implementation of the following projects and desires.

If you had this dream, ask yourself: What exactly are you trying to create? What changes are you experiencing in life? Dreams in which you see pregnancy, can bring you fruitful ideas on your work or relationships.

6. House

Dreams about houses represent the self and different aspects of your personality. To interpret such dreams can be different depending on the type of house and rooms. The house represents security and comfort. The attic symbolizes forgotten memories, and the basement – intuition and the subconscious.

If you dream you saw the house, think about the following: do you care about your body and how to perceive itself in the real world.

7. Money

Waking up after such a dream, a person usually feels gratitude. Dreams about money symbolize success and our self-image. If you dream that you win the lottery you are waiting for a change in your lifestyle, but if you dream that you are giving your money – you suffer from fear of loss. Dreams in which you see the money reflect your desire to live in abundance and prosperity. The pursuit of financial stability or financial loss – one of the most common stress factors in modern life.

If you dream about money, ask yourself the following: have You lost a job? You owe someone money? So you do if you won the lottery? Thoughts of money rarely leave our consciousness, because they symbolize the course of life.

8. Cheating

Dreams about adultery mean our hidden sexual desires and urges, and, in some cases, fears, problems with self esteem and understanding on a subconscious level that our relationship has many problems.

If you dream about cheating, think about the following: are You afraid to lose a loved one? You are unhappy in a relationship? How do you feel about your body and your desires?

9. Fire

The dreams in which you see a fire, there may be several values depending on the context. Looking at the fire from afar symbolizes desire and transformation, but playing with fire is a warning about dangerous things. If you dream that you set fire deep inside you repress your anger and not allow it to go outside.

If you had a fire or a fire, think about how actually you to avoid dangerous situations.

10. Nudity

Dreams in which a person is naked, are quite common and can symbolize fear of being found out. If you had another person with no clothes is the symbol of “the naked truth” or the harbinger of a love affair. Also, such a dream could symbolize a loss of respect. Nudity symbolizes acceptance of his flaws and imperfections, and shows how you are open to the outside world.

Dreams are a reflection of certain episodes of our life that can be interpreted a million different ways. Only man himself can understand the true meaning of his dream. Our mind, body and spirit are all connected and how we perceive ourselves reflected in our dreams.

Through dreams our mind is trying to reflect our emotions. The feeling of joy or anxiety can affect our sleep.